Meitu has been recognized as a 2023 Listed Company with an Innovative ESG Practice Case


On December 27, Meitu (1357.HK) was recognized as a 2023 Listed Company with an Innovative ESG Practice Case. This acknowledgment is a result of their initiatives in product innovation, green and low-carbon endeavors, and social responsibility.

Under the "Dual Carbon" strategic wave, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) development is attracting increasing attention from various sectors of society. For listed companies, it is crucial to not only pursue corporate growth but also consider sustainable development and long-term value. This involves creating a favorable environment across society for awareness, understanding, and promoting the construction of the ESG system.

At the 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Development Forum, hosted by Securities Daily, Meitu received recognition for its innovative exploration and proactive contributions in ESG. It was chosen as a case study for innovative ESG practices among listed companies in 2023.

This nomination aims to promote the growth of a strong local ESG ecosystem and provide the capital market with professional and authoritative investment benchmarks. It supports the sustainable operation of enterprises, helping them leverage their internal strengths, set outstanding benchmarks in their industries, and lead the high-quality development of the economy and society in the new era.

In 2023, Meitu proactively embraced the ESG concept. Through the "AIGC+ Imaging Technology" solution, the goal was to diminish costs and enhance efficiency for users, industries, and society, making a substantial contribution to green and sustainable development.

In terms of product innovation, Meitu has methodically developed the AIGC function, introducing its self-developed AI vision model, MiracleVision. This comprehensive suite of imaging tools aims to boost efficiency and cut costs in diverse fields, including visual creation, commercial photography, professional video editing, and commercial design.

Simultaneously, Meitu extends AI skin analysis solutions to global skincare, cosmetics, and makeup brands via MeituEve. Through Meidd, it delivers ERP and supply chain management SaaS solutions to over ten thousand cosmetics stores, fostering sustainable development of the industry.

As the first company in the country to initiate a digital communication project for traditional Chinese culture, Meitu has pioneered a novel approach to cultural dissemination with "AIGC+ Imaging Technology." Initiatives like "Traditional Colors," "Traditional Patterns," and "Traditional Makeup Looks" have garnered global usage of over 420 million, consistently propagating the beauty of China to the world.

Furthermore, to better embody the principles of green and low-carbon living, the Meitu Headquarters Tower, operational since 2023, features a fully intelligent office system. This system is crafted to establish a comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, and low-consumption office area. Meitu remains committed to upholding these principles and actively contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, in collaboration with its employees, users, and partners.