The Meitu App proudly crowned as the Most Loved App by Female Internet Users in China for 2023


On December 19, the Meitu App was honored with the title of "Most Loved App by Female Internet Users in China." This recognition stems from their deep understanding of female users and their consistent commitment to product innovation.

As per the 2023 QuestMobile "She Economy" Insight Report, the number of active female users on China's mobile internet is approaching 600 million. Examining usage duration, the average monthly usage time for female users has reached 163.6 hours. There is a growing trend in the demand for product quality among female users.

In the 2023 list of China's most beloved apps among female internet users, released by QuestMobile, the Meitu App has claimed the top spot. With the highest active user rate (TGI), it has once again affirmed its position as a universally popular app in the industry. Also making the list are Anipop, Mango TV, Zuoyebang, and Xiaohongshu.

As Meitu's flagship product, the Meitu App is focused on image and video editing, portrait beautification, AI painting, and various creative imaging techniques. Since its inception in 2008, it has maintained its position as the foremost platform in China's image editing industry in terms of user scale. Currently, it boasts a global user base with 130 million monthly active users.

Over its 15-year journey since inception, the Meitu App has transformed from a basic photo editing tool into a comprehensive aesthetic platform designed for female users. The present-day the Meitu App goes beyond basic features such as filters and skin beautification. Users can now craft a distinctive retouch style using a wealth of innovative AIGC functions, empowering every female user to showcase her unique charm.

The Meitu App has gained praise from female users not just for its advanced imaging technology and wide range of features, but more importantly, for its values. The app consistently prioritizes users, actively addressing the modern woman's quest for beauty. It encourages women to express their individuality and self-worth confidently and independently.