Scam Alert


This Scam Alert page contains a list of the scam websites, emails or other means of communication impersonating, bearing the names of or claiming affiliation with members of our Group, our mobile applications, products or services with false contact details, fraudulent solicitations for investment opportunities or services, etc. that have been received by or reported to us. Viewers of this page are advised that the list contained herein is not an exhaustive list and they should take all steps they deem appropriate to confirm the true identity of the party they are dealing with and the authenticity of the relevant correspondence.

Anyone who has had any dealings with the subjects in the Scam Alerts is advised to report the matter to the Police.

For the purpose of this Scam Alert page, the term “Group” means Meitu, Inc. (“Company”) together with (i) its subsidiaries, (ii) Xiamen Meitu Networks Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and (iii) Xiamen MeituEve Network Services Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Recently Issued Scam Alerts

Fraudulent Website using the name of and claiming affiliation with "Meitu" and “Miracle Vision” in relation to fraudulent solicitations for investment opportunities or services.

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent website ( (the “Fraudulent Website”) makes references to certain information of, and cooperation with, our Group (including but not limited to “Meitu”, “Miracle Vision” (one of our Group companies)), in relation to fraudulent solicitations of investment opportunities or services.

In addition, it is implied in the Fraudulent Website and its Whitepaper that the MeiMiDi Messenger and the operation team behind are associated with our Group (including but not limited to Meitu and Miracle Vision), our mobile applications (including but not limited to our Meitu app) and our users.

We wish to clarify that:

  • (1)our Group is not connected to, or in any respect related to, the Fraudulent Website, the MeiMiDi Messenger or the operation team behind them;
  • (2)our Group has not authorized the use of any of its information in the Fraudulent Website to any person; and
  • (3)our Group is or will not be responsible for any information contained in the Fraudulent Website or any acts done or purported to be done, representations made or purported to be made, by any person in connection with the Fraudulent Website.

All of our rights, remedies and entitlements are hereby expressly reserved.