Integrity Reporting

Meitu advocates a corporate culture of integrity and honesty, with zero tolerance for any fraud or corruption which, once discovered, will be firmly actioned against.

Meitu’s reporting channel accepts reporting on the following and on employee violations:

  • Corruption, acceptance of bribes or kickbacks; or illegal acceptance of gifts or entertainment;
  • Abuse of power for personal gains;
  • Making illegal investment, holding any position in the suppliers, partners of the company, etc.;
  • Improper related transactions that damage the legitimate rights and interests of the company;
  • Leaking confidential information of the company; and
  • Other violations of laws and regulations.

Meitu’s reporting channel only accepts reporting on integrity (reporting on violations by the company's employees). We look forward to your reporting including real names, and the content of such reporting shall be objective and authentic. We undertake to strictly protect the reporter and keep the content of reporting strictly confidential. For authenticated reporting where a case is opened for investigation with a conclusion, Meitu will reward the reporter with a reward of between RMB 2,000 and RMB 200,000 depending on the severity of the reported incident.

Reporting Methods:

  • Contact: Internal Control Team
  • Contact phone: 183-5921-3828
  • Contact landline: 0592-2955022
  • Email: