About Violation Reports


  • Only the following disciplinary behavior reports are accepted:
  • 1. Violations of laws and regulations, such as duty encroachment, accepting bribes, practicing favoritism, using power for personal gain, abuse of power, illegally accepting gifts or entertainment, etc., or causing losses to the company's reputation and revenue because of breach of duty or dereliction of duty;
  • 2. Improper affiliated transactions and illegal investments that damage the legitimate rights and interests of the company;
  • 3. Working outside the company (substantially participating in the daily operation and management of another company), taking a job or holding equity interest in the company's suppliers or partners, etc.;
  • 4. Disclosure of company's confidential information, etc.;
  • 5. Other violations of laws and regulations.


  • 1. Real-name reporting is encouraged. We will take all reasonable and useful precautions to preserve the confidentiality and security of the whistleblower. For those who do not want to be named, we will also allow them to report anonymously or with a pseudonym;
  • 2. The content of the report should be realistic, objective and true. Malicious reporting and false accusations are prohibited. The whistleblower must truthfully provide the name, department, and facts of the violation of the person being reported. Please also provide evidential material, if any;
  • 3. Whenever possible, you should identify yourself and ensure that the staff of the violation report management department can get in touch with you, no matter in which manner you make the report.


  • For reports that are true, filed for investigation and concluded, Meitu will reward the whistleblower with a reward of no less than RMB 2,000 and no more than RMB 200,000 depending on the impact of the reported violation.

Reporting Channels:

  • Contact: Internal Control Team
  • Contact phone: 183-5921-3828
  • Contact landline: 0592-5320520-1110
  • Email: jubao@meitu.com
  • Contact: Audit Committee
  • Email: ac.jubao@meitu.com