We stay ahead of the curve and keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the Internet industry. We love challenges. Bring it on!

We maintain an innovative mindset and strive to make the world a more beautiful place.

We are a team with one dream, and we are committed to achieving it as a team.

Development Opportunities

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    Individual Growth and Team Enhancement

    Want to quickly improve yourself? Try breaking out of your comfort zone. We offer numerous opportunities including internal work shifts, timely promotions, cross-team projects, and occasions where you can try new career path within the company. Break through limitations and show your talents, and you will achieve your dreams. We believe that your growth is essential for the development and enhancement of the team and the company.

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    OKR Management for Effective Development

    It's proven that achieving goal after goal is what motivates employees the most in their work. Using OKR (Objective and Key Results) tools helps you to fully understand the value of your position, the company's development strategies and organization goals, with all concepts from top to bottom clearly conveyed. This scientific, quantified management strategy will inspire employees' cognitive drive and lay out a clear development direction for all to follow, thus ensuring personal improvement for the employees as well as the prosperity of the company.

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    A Guiding Light for Both Your Individual and Career Lives

    Meitu offers new employees the opportunity to choose one expert/leader in a particular field from the company to be their mentor. The mentor acts as both a good teacher and helpful friend for the employee by bringing enlightenment to profession-related questions and emotional struggles. It is Meitu's goal for all new members, with a peer and leader to act as a guiding light in both their individual and career lives, to develop their abilities in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Salary and Welfare

  • Motivation

    • Business Incentive
    • OKR Incentive
    • Gain Sharing
    • Project Incentive
    • Long-term Incentive
    • Stock Ownership Incentive
    • Culture & Strategy Oriented Incentive
    • Annual Evaluation
    • Short-term Incentive
    • Others
    • Patent Award
    • Talent Scout Award
  • Benefits and Welfare

    • Insurance and Housing Fund
    • Transportation Subsidy for Working Overtime
    • Flexible Work Schedule
    • Annual Health Examination
    • Transportation Allowance
  • Employee Care

    • Fitness Room
    • Complementary Medicine Kit
    • Complementary Snacks & Meals
    • Birthday Gift
    • Complementary Beverages
  • Holidays

    • Paid Annual Leave
    • Paid Sick Leave
    • National Holidays

Working Conditions

Founded in the beautiful seaside garden city, Xiamen, Meitu now has offices in Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, Singapore and Japan, all of which are located in places with convenient transportation, feature a pleasant working environment with advanced equipment and are filled with typical cute and colorful Meitu elements.

Development Opportunities

Outreach Activities

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    Meitu Moon Festival Walking Rally

    It's time to get movin' and appreciate the great outdoors! Meitu's Moon Festival Walking Rally is the perfect opportunity to get into your joggers and join your colleagues in a fun day full of exercise, friendly competitions, and cultural-themed partying. There's great food waiting too!

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    Meitu Year-end Celebration

    The year-end celebration is Meitu's most anticipated event every year—also a family gathering of sorts. The Meitu crew will get together, reminisce over the past year, and discuss grand plans for the future. Chat about achievements and watch (or even participate in) professional-level performances onstage. We are celebrating a great year having all of Meitu members - and we hope to build many more wonderful memories together in future years!

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    Meitu Goddess Festival

    March 7th is when we celebrate all the lovely ladies of Meitu! Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess. The company will prepare flowers, gifts, desserts and exciting activities in this day. This is the perfect chance to show our appreciation for the hardworking ladies of the Meitu family.

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