About Meitu

Founded in October 2008, Meitu has become one of China’s top Internet enterprises owing to its leading AI-driven image-and-video processing technologies and social community. Meitu's mission is "to let everyone become beautiful easily", with the concept of "beauty", or Mei (美) in Chinese, as the company's core ideal. Meitu App, BeautyCam, Meipai, MeituEve, MeituGenius, and other products of Meitu have fundamentally changing the way that users around the world create and share "beauty". Meitu has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since December 15, 2016 (Stock code:1357.HK).

Meitu leverages AI in the pursuit of its mission. In 2010, Meitu founded its R&D hub MT Lab, which is dedicated to AI and imaging innovations such as Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Computer Graphics.

As of December 2020, there are 2.22 billion unique devices with Meitu’s products activated on them, and a total of 261 million monthly active users (MAU) of Meitu apps. Meitu's total number of overseas users has exceeded 885 million users, with over 10 million users each in 15 countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, the US, Brazil, Japan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, Turkey.

Our History

Our Culture


To let everyone become beautiful easily.


To empower the beauty industry and make beauty more accessible to our users.



To be passionate in work and life. To continue to create the most value for users.


To focus on goals and use resources to their greatest potential. To come together to achieve goals.


To persistently work to break through limitations. To continue to learn and develop an innovative mindset.

Business Structure

For Users
For the Industry

Image Beautification

Makeup Platform

Skin Care

Photography Tools Image and Video Processing Tools

HD Makeup Trial Tools

Professional Skin Detection Tools

Beauty Management Services Printing Services

Makeup Products Evaluation Services

Skin Recording Services Dermatology Services

Community for Consumers

Meitu for Web Solutions for Image Industry

Beauty Industry Marketing Data and Technology Services

Skin Detection Technology Makeup Products Efficacy Test

Value-added Services

Our Team

  • Wensheng Cai

    Chairman of Meitu, Inc.

    A renowned angel investor who invested in dozens of popular Internet companies such as 4399 Network, Baofeng Group, and 58.com.

  • Xinhong Wu

    Founder and CEO of Meitu, Inc.

    Founded Meitu, Inc. in Xiamen in October 2008 and launched a series of software and hardware products including Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai, and Meitu smartphone etc., promoting the popularity of the appearance culture.

  • Gary Ngan

    Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary

    Overall financial strategies, investor relations and company secretarial affairs

  • Susan Wang

    Chief Operating Officer

    Monetization strategies and innovation ecosystem

  • Na Shi

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Overall human resources and administration management