About Meitu

Founded in October 2008, Meitu is an AI-driven technology company that carries "beauty" as its core ideal, helping its users become more beautiful with image products and beauty management services and assisting with the digital transformation of the beauty industry by providing SaaS services.

Meitu leverages AI in the pursuit of its mission. In 2010, Meitu founded its R&D hub MT Lab, which is dedicated to AI and imaging innovations in the field of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Computer Graphics.

As of June 2022, there are 2.645 billion unique devices with Meitu’s products activated on them, and a total of 241 million monthly active users (MAU) of Meitu apps. Meitu's total number of overseas users has exceeded 1.106 billion users, with over 10 million users each in 21 countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan, the US, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Nigeria, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Myanmar, and South Africa.

Our History

Our Culture


Make beauty accessible through technology


Be inquisitive and practical

Be humble and seek truth from facts

Motivated to win

Aim high and hit

Our Team

  • Wensheng Cai

    Chairman of Meitu, Inc.

    A renowned angel investor who invested in dozens of popular Internet companies such as 4399 Network, Baofeng Group, and 58.com.

  • Xinhong Wu

    Founder and CEO of Meitu, Inc.

    Founded Meitu, Inc. in Xiamen in October 2008 and launched a series of software and hardware products including Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai, and Meitu smartphone etc., promoting the popularity of the appearance culture.

  • Gary Ngan

    Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

    Overall financial management, strategic investment, investor relations, company secretarial matters and the MeituEVE business (AI-based skin analysis SaaS)

  • Susan Wang

    Chief Operating Officer

    Monetization strategies and innovation ecosystem

  • Na Shi

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Overall human resources and administration management