The Meitu vision model, MiracleVision, has been selected as a pioneering case for the 2023 China Plus Large Scale Model


On December 16, Meitu's self-developed AI vision model, MiracleVision, was selected as a pioneering case for the 2023 China Plus Large Scale Model due to its exceptional product capabilities, innovative business model, and commercial value. This accolade was shared with Ant Group, DingTalk, Zhihu and more.

In 2023, China's large-scale models are progressing toward refinement. The pioneers in AGI are incorporating the latest technology into products, transforming large-scale models into tangible tools for increased productivity across various industries.

In the 2023 China Plus Big Model Pioneer Cases announced on December 16th, Meitu's self-developed AI visual model, MiracleVision, was selected. Other enterprises selected include Ant Group, DingTalk, Zhihu, and others.

Having dedicated 13 years to AI research, Meitu officially launched the MiracleVision model in June 2023. This marked the establishment of an AI imaging and design product ecosystem built on a foundation, intermediate layer, and application layer.

On December 5, the release of version 4.0 emphasized the model's design and video-oriented capabilities, targeting applications in e-commerce, advertising, and gaming.

Four AI design capabilities were added to version 4.0, including vector graphics, text effects, smart layering and smart typesetting. The new model store allows users to create their own models, fulfilling personal design pursuits. Four video capabilities were added, including text-to-video, photo-to-video, camera movements, and video-to-video.

This list was selected by GEEKPARK with regards to the productivity, commercial model and commercial value of the models.

GEEKPARK contends that by productizing relatively mature and stable AI capabilities, it not only enhances efficiency or provides better solutions, but also boosts measurable growth such as improved user activity and increased product revenue. Meitu's experience demonstrates that users are willing to pay for the creativity and productivity enhancements brought about by large models. This suggests that the imaging and design industry, which primarily monetizes through subscriptions, is poised to unlock greater commercial potential.