BeautyCam has won the 2023 Image Technology Innovation Award


Thanks to the widespread appeal of AI Portraits, AI Comic Effects, and ongoing innovation in photography techniques, Meitu's product, BeautyCam, has been honored with the 2023 Image Technology Innovation Award.

During the recently concluded 5th Global Trend Conference, the organizing committee bestowed the award upon BeautyCam. This recognition applauds the outstanding achievements of BeautyCam in 2023, particularly in product innovation with AIGC and its notable cultural impact abroad.

BeautyCam has won the 2023 Image Technology Innovation Award

The Global Trend Conference, hosted by Global Times, has been an annual event since 2018. It centers on cutting-edge topics and pressing issues in finance, technology, public welfare, and culture. The conference aims to delve into new trends, propagate innovative ideas, and pave the way for fresh developments.

At the conference, BeautyCam demonstrated its Dream of the Red Chamber-inspired makeup looks, which was one of it initiatives to promote traditional Chinese culture with image technology.

BeautyCam's Dream of the Red Chamber-inspired makeup looks

2023 is all about AI for Meitu and its products. BeautyCam, its oldest and most popular product among users, added smart cutout, item removal, background swaps, pet features, and more.

AI is revolutionizing photography with BeautyCam, transforming the way we take and enhance photos. In the AI Portrait module, users can effortlessly apply makeup effects, adjust settings, tweak lighting, and retouch photos. This integration streamlines the process, enabling artistic photo shoots that once took a whole day to be completed in just 5 minutes, greatly boosting efficiency.

BeautyCam's AI Portrait feature is popular among young users

Furthermore, BeautyCam achieved significant success in international markets. In 2023, it consistently held the second position in overall rankings and secured the top spot multiple times in specific categories on Japan's Google Play and Apple app stores. It also frequently topped the rankings on Google Play in South Korea and Thailand.

According to industry analysts, BeautyCam's rapid expansion reflects Meitu's AI innovation surge in 2023. This growth is credited to the company's keen understanding of user demands, securing substantial market share in relevant sectors, and swift implementation of AIGC technologies. The company's future outlook in the realm of AIGC is expected to stay positive.