Meitu and Zcool join forces to host the Meitu Creativity Conference, paving the way for the future of AI design


On December 5-6, the Meitu Creativity Conference (MCC), themed "Future AI Design," was held in Xiamen.

This exciting conference, a collaborative effort between Meitu and Zcool, zeroes in on the thriving ecosystem of designers and the emerging trends in AI design. At the conference, the "2023 Annual Report on AI Design Practices" was unveiled. In addition, Meitu launched the version 4.0 of its self-developed AI vision model, MiracleVision. This new version primarily focuses on AI design and AI video.

Meitu and Zcool have entered into a profound strategic partnership, jointly launching the "Emerging AI Designer" program

In the eyes of Wu Xinhong, founder, chairman, and CEO of Meitu, AI is guiding the design industry toward a new horizon.

"The future of AI design lies in the combination of a designer's imagination and the productivity of AI," said Wu Xinhong. He believes that AI tools will serve as powerful assistants, helping designers create ever more stunning work.

 At the conference, Wu Xinhong announced that Meitu has entered into a profound strategic partnership with Zcool. Together, they have launched the "Emerging AI Designer" program, providing the designers with AI design tools, learning platforms, professional communities, and business opportunities.

"We are committed to providing superior services for designers, enabling them to unleash their innovative talents in the AI era," said Wu Xinhong. He emphasized that the Meitu Creativity Conference is not just an event for innovation and design, but also a significant starting point for exploring the future of AI.

"Meitu and Zcool share a common vision in helping designers earn money," said Liang Yaoming, founder and CEO of Zcool. He believes their deep strategic partnership will generate more products and channels that benefit designers.

"Practice is the ultimate measure of AI concepts," affirmed Wu Xinhong. He emphasized that the Meitu Creativity Conference will persist in nurturing innovation and practical application, fostering collaboration among designers. Through the utilization of AI tools, it aims to empower the design community, facilitating both financial prosperity and personal development, thereby generating social value.

The 2023 Annual Report on AI Design Practices reveals immense potential of domestically produced AI design tools

At the conference, Meitu and Zcool unveiled the 2023 Annual Report on AI Design Practices. The report delves into five key aspects of AI design tools: their prevalence, practical applications, challenges, commercial relevance, and future trends.

The findings indicate that the adoption of AI design tools in China has surpassed expectations. However, approximately 30% of respondents discontinued their usage due to concerns regarding cost, operation, and effectiveness. Notably, the adoption of AI tools within enterprises remains relatively low, with only 8% of companies incorporating them.

From an industry standpoint, the internet sector emerges as the most ardent advocate of AI design tools, with sectors like food and beverage, footwear and apparel, and beauty and cosmetics close behind. These industries deliberately employ AI design tools to drive business transformation.

At present, the usage rate of AI tools from overseas far exceeds that of domestic AI tools. However, the report believes that domestic AI tools hold immense potential. Current domestic AI tools enjoy significant advantages, including user-friendly operation, Chinese language support, and an appreciation for Asian aesthetics.

Current AI design tools are grappling with three significant challenges: lack of precision, imperfect results, and copyright issues. AI currently serves primarily as a creative assistant and traditional tools are still necessary for finishing projects.

The report outlines five major trends: 1. AI is driving the generalization of designing, emphasizing the need for creativity and aesthetics in the work of designers. 2. The capabilities and scope of AI design will become more comprehensive, integrating into the standard design workflow. 3. AI video generation is anticipated to experience a surge in popularity by 2024. 4. AI is poised to excel in the marketing field, enabling the creation of impactful AI marketing campaigns. 5. The utilization of domestic AI tools in the Chinese market is projected to surpass that of overseas tools by the end of 2024.

Two major capabilities of Meitu's version 4.0 vision model: AI design and AI video

On December 5, Meitu's self-developed AI vision model, MiracleVision 4.0, made its official debut, featuring advanced AI design and AI video capabilities.

Four AI design capabilities were added to version 4.0, including vector graphics, text effects, smart layering and smart typesetting. The new model store allows users to create their own models, fulfilling personal design pursuits.

Four video capabilities were added, including text-to-video, photo-to-video, camera movements, and video-to-video. At present, MiracleVision's AI video capabilities have been seamlessly integrated into workflow, particularly in the e-commerce and advertising sectors.

To enhance creativity and bring images to life, Meitu has integrated a carefully designed motion module into their robust image generation capabilities. By training with a high-quality video dataset, the 4.0 version ensures precise understanding of semantics and the ability to generate seamless video content, supporting resolutions of up to 4K ultra-high definition.

MiracleVision 4.0 is set to roll out across Meitu's products beginning January 2024. Users will then be able to experience it in various products such as the Meitu App, BeautyCam, Wink, X-Design, WHEE, and more.

In addition, Meitu has announced two exciting updates. First, the mobile version of WHEE has officially launched and is now available in app stores. Second, MiracleVision has officially opened its commercial API to the public.

Strengthening the core of 'Image and Design': Meitu unveils key collaborations for a promising future

Expanding on their "Image and Design" services, Meitu announced several significant collaborations at the conference.

Leveraging the capabilities of MiracleVision, which has already served 1.745 million e-commerce users, Meitu has established partnerships with dozens of e-commerce and brand clients, including Weidian, Shihuo, Deli, and Feiyu.

Meitu has also established partnerships with the China Academy of Art and the National Photography Art Exhibition. The first focuses on collaborative research projects aimed at developing large vision models to drive innovative design achievements. The second supports national photography exhibitions, intending to broaden Meitu's brand recognition and improve product capabilities.

MiracleVision will closely integrate with the extensive language model developed by Weitu, in which Meitu played a leading role in the angel round investment. Following the improvement of the model's cognitive abilities, Meitu users can collaborate creatively with AI through natural language, increasing efficiency and enhancing the overall creative experience.