The impressive MiracleVision, a large-scale vision model from Meitu, has won the award for Innovative Application of Large Models


 On December 2, Meitu's self-developed AI vision model, MiracleVision, was honored at the 2023 EDGE AWARDS for Innovative Application in Large Models. This recognition was a testament to Meitu's innovative exploration in large models.

The EDGE AWARDS cares about "potential value" and identifies leaders in cutting-edge technology worldwide. This prestigious award is recognized as authoritative, pioneering, and dedicated to keen exploration in the global innovation landscape.

By assessing the implementation capabilities of AI vision models, Meitu's in-house MiracleVision received the award for Innovative Application of Large Models.

This accolade was shared with large models developed by Alibaba, Baidu, and Huawei Cloud.

As pioneers in artificial intelligence, Meitu embarked on a journey 13 years ago. Through the Meitu Imaging & Vision Lab (MT Lab), it has been conducting product practices and accumulating academic achievements.

In June 2023, it developed a large model MiracleVision that has a deep understanding of Meitu's aesthetic genes and furthered its unique "beauty" universe. MiracleVision has been employed in Meitu products to provide image, video, design and virtual human services to users.

As the cornerstone of the Meitu AI product ecosystem, MiracleVision has undergone successive iterations, including versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 since its initial release. The latest version is set to be unveiled at Meitu's Creativity Conference on December 5.