The Meitu App joins hands with top IPs around the world to create "IP Star Universe", enriching users' image beautification options


Recently, the Meitu App released its IP Star Universe module, which features AR effects, stickers, frames, and even more editing elements. The new features were jointly launched with top IPs, including Sanrio, Disney, Teletubbies, and Ultraman, hoping to increase the fun of editing for Meitu App users.

Enriched editing options with authorized IP elements

There are a variety of different IP Star Universe sectors, including: The Disney Wonderland, The Sanrio Fairyland, The Island Where Teletubbies Live, and The Light Universe of Ultraman. The beloved Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Stitch, Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Ultraman, and Teletubbies are now the main design elements for users, with AR effects, stickers, frames, graffiti effects, and templates.

The Meitu App IP Star Universe

Notably, this is the second cooperation between Disney and Meitu, with Stitch-themed frames and mosaic effects being brought to users for the first time. Mickey and his friends, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, and other Disney characters are also available.  In the Sanrio sector, users can find Melody stickers and frames, Koromi mosaic effects, and Hello Kitty text elements.

Stitch-themed frames in the Meitu App

This year is the 25th anniversary of the cartoon series Teletubbies. The Meitu App is celebrating alongside Teletubbies fans by launching themed stickers, mosaic effects, frames, and graffiti effects. In addition, the wonderful Ultraman effects are expected to undoubtedly inspire cute and fun new creations from users.

Various characters and diverse engagement methods were included to help attract users to create and enjoy all of the fun the Meitu App has to offer.

Gaining insight and further developing our SaaS business with IP elements

With IPs gradually becoming the new trendy option for appealing to current and new users, Meitu has seized the opportunity to work with Disney/Pixar, Sanrio, Line Friends, Rilakkuma, and Mole World to bring brilliant new image elements to users while exploring the development of our aesthetic content services.

According to Meitu's recently-released 2021 annual results, revenue from VIP subscriptions and image SaaS-related services increased significantly by 146.9% year-over-year to RMB 519.5 million,  showing rapid growth as the new driving force for Meitu's commercial development.

As one of Meitu's core platforms, the Meitu App has begun its exploration in bringing aesthetic content that will facilitate the company's SaaS business and encourage users to find, create and share beauty.

In the future, the Meitu App will continue to explore more potential IP cooperation options to offer more aesthetic content to users, hoping to bring value to its users and partners through high-quality image SaaS services.