Meitu joins forces with the School of Design & Innovation from the China Academy of Art in their first graduation exhibition to explore the aesthetics of the Metaverse


On June 1st, the graduation exhibition titled "Vital Force | Constantly innovating & Common prosperity" of the School of Design & Innovation from the China Academy of Art officially kicked off at the Zhejiang Exhibition Hall. Meitu, as a cooperative unit, discussed the innovation and development of art, technology, science fiction, literature, and music with teachers and students at the exhibition. Wu Xinhong, founder and CEO of Meitu, joined as a special guest and talked about the Metaverse on the Illusion · Rebirth livestream with other guests.

During the 12-day exhibition, the school also released the Eastern Fantasy: A Metaverse Sci-Fi Fest on Vland.Live together with Penglai Sci-Fi Institution from the Taishan College of Science and Technology. Meitu provided art design guidance throughout the entire process as an industry expert.

Holding on to the shared pursuit for aesthetics, Meitu contributed to the success of the exhibition

The China Academy of Art (CAFA) is the first comprehensive national post-secondary education institution of art in China, and is one one of the top universities in China that has been selected for the construction of "first-class university" with "first-class discipline". For nearly a hundred years, it has been leading innovative development in the field of art, and at the same time has maintained a spirit of exploration. The foundation of the School of Design & Innovation is an important experiment in the history of Chinese art education, breaking the constraints of the traditional teaching model, and for the first time allowing art students, science students, and liberal arts students to study together under one instructional system. This exhibition was not only the first graduation exhibition of the school, but also the achievement exhibition of the innovative teaching model, which attracted much attention from the national education and design fields.

This exhibition tried to put itself in the "Metaverse", breaking the limitations of space and integrating scientific elements into works of art.

The in-depth cooperation between the school and Meitu is based on the common pursuit of aesthetic innovation and development. Over the past 14 years, Meitu has been focusing on the course of "beauty", polishing its imaging technologies and actively exploring innovative technologies in the virtual world. Meitu has long maintained communication and cooperation with the China Academy of Art, so participation in the project was an easy decision for Meitu.

In addition to providing art design guidance for the exhibition, Meitu, as an Internet technology pioneer, also joined in talks with science fiction writers, artists, scholars, musicians, theater directors, representatives of technology companies, and many more, sharing its perspective.

Joining hands with schools to promote the integration and development of art and technology

Back in August 2021, Meitu and the School of Design & Innovation carried out a scientific research and teaching project with the theme of "Virtual Image Design". With the help of Meitu's MCP (Meitu Creator Platform) and its AR creation tool MCP Studio, the project combined instructional elements with an understanding of the requirements of the industry to open up an effective way to cultivate digital art professionals.

This most recent cooperation embodies a further endeavor of the two parties to discover the future of the integration of art and technology. Relying on its profound experience in technology and innovation, Meitu is looking forward to and promoting a new direction for aesthetics.

"We've got experience and technology in virtual imaging and will look for more possibilities in the future," said Wu Xinhong,  expressing Meitu's strategy and pioneering attitude in the virtual image industry. By cooperating with well-known domestic schools, such as the China Academy of Art, Meitu does not intend to hold back its ambitions for the combination of art and technology. In the future, Meitu plans to increase R&D investment in virtual aesthetics and digital art.