The Meitu App drives creators to create trendy aesthetics and increase the competitiveness of its content


Recently, the Meitu App released its 2021 Meitu Creator Annual List, which reviewed its most popular templates, AR effects, and stickers and rewarded the most outstanding creators with honors. In total, 60 creators from the Meitu Creator Program were selected, thanks to their brilliant designs.

The Meitu App released the 2021 Meitu Creator Annual List

Supporting the growth of creators with a variety of incentives

In 2020, in order to liberate creative productivity and enrich its content ecology, the Meitu App launched the "Meitu Creator Program" for aesthetic content creators, such as illustrators, photographers, and designers, so that high-quality original content could have the opportunity to be published and spread. At the same time, on a monthly basis, the works were evaluated based on data collected from several aspects, and a list was regularly released based on the results. For creators who were ranked in the top 10 and are listed in MCN institutions, the Meitu App provided different incentives, such as millions (CNY) in cash bonuses, traffic support, and first-line brand cooperation opportunities according to the ranking, providing strong support for the growth of creators.

In addition, the Meitu App launched beneficial activities, such as the Variety Stars and Photo Editing Call-Up, to attract more creators. Supported by the Meitu App's leading image technology, the creators only need to create and publish aesthetic content that meets the listed requirements. They then have the opportunity to receive incentives.

Views for the topic #meitucreatorprogram reached 2.147 billion

After continuous innovation and upgrading, these steps to encourage content generation were highly regarded by creators. Views for the topic #meitucreatorprogram on the Meitu App reached 2.147 billion and views for the topic #varietystars, which is now in its fifth season, reached 947 million. Many users shared their opinion and used the effects for their photos, helping creators get closer to their audience.

Stimulating enthusiasm for creation with rich creation features

In addition to the activities, the Meitu App also provided various creation methods and styles to guide the creation of new content.

AR Creative Talents Works of the Year

Creators can choose to design templates, stickers, frames, or mosaic effects based on the functions and elements provided by the Meitu App. Creators from the programs produced different designs to satisfy users' needs for personalized expression.

The Meitu App created different Beauty-related topic pages, including food, travel, ACG, and more, which helped gather together user groups with specific interests and provided inspiration for creators. The 30 templates included in the annual list cover different themes, such as food, portraits, and gatherings, and reached a total of more than 400 million uses. 

Through various creator support activities, the Meitu App has successfully liberated creation productivity and is continuously creating a high-quality content ecosystem, hoping to grow together with its creators.