Meitu Museum of Future releases its annual award, working with creators to develop digital art


On January 25th, MCP (Meitu Creator Platform) launched the "2021 Meitu Museum of Future Art Annual Awards" event. The event highlighted the cooperation with many well-known artists, art institutions, and art universities over the past year. Several awards, including Annual Artists, Annual Best AR Creators, Annual Best Rookie AR Creators, and Annual Most Creative AR Effects, were selected based on the usage data of the effects and their influence.

2021 Meitu Museum of Future Art Annual Awards

Creating a feast of digital art with creators

In 2021, the top domestic digital art platform Meitu Creator Platform (MCP) began focusing on the development of digital art. The platform launched the Meitu Museum of Future Art and invited artists such as Ye Jintian, maming, SeenVision, RUBY9100M, TAGstudio, as well as multiple art institutions to hold an online exhibition, allowing more users to experience the charm of digital art.

At the same time, MCP also co-created courses with the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the China Academy of Art, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to encourage young students to participate in the creation of digital art.

Artwork from MCP's artist maming

With the social influence of the works and the high user recognition that the works received, maming, SeenVision, Ruby9100M, and TAGstudio won the "MCP Annual Artists" award.

Artwork from MCP's artist Ruby9100M

The Annual Best AR Creators, Annual Most Creative AR Effects, and Annual Best AR Works were awarded to 17 creators including "KuGai_bo" and "ttttsweet".

MCP Annual Best AR Works

The Annual Best Rookie AR Creators award went to three creators: 星星泡饭r, ISXIAN. and 春卷只吃一小口 for using digital art to express the ideas of the youth.

Work from Annual Best Rookie AR Creator ISXIAN.

MCP builds digital art co-creation space

This annual award is a concentrated display of the future aesthetic achievements of MCP and creators.

Relying on Meitu's industry-leading imaging technology, MCP launched the MCP Studio AR creation tool to lower the threshold for creation and allow creators to unleash their creativity. In addition, MCP connects Meitu's core platforms, such as the Meitu App and BeautyCam, which brings new material to Meitu's content system. In return, creators' works are able to reach more users and achieve greater commercial value with the platform.

Empowered by MCP's technology, artists, designers, cartoonists, and students are able to realize their creative potential and turn them into imaging effects, which are often reflections of modern people's thoughts.

Work from Annual Best Rookie AR Creator 星星泡饭r

For example, the creator 星星泡饭r focused on young people's desire for a fashionable lifestyle and designed effects for them to take trendy photos from home. The creative AR work from SFX artist Zi Dan highlighted elements from Peking Opera, attracting a lot of users.

MCP Annual Most Creative AR Effects

With its roots in digital art co-creation, MCP is ushering users in to the world of digital art. In the future, MCP will continue to explore the combination of technology and art, using its resources, technology, and platform influence to boost a generation of aesthetic content and assist in the development of digital art in China.