Meitu releases 6 new products during its Image Festival and announces that its premium service users have reached 4.5 million worldwide


On March 5th, Meitu held an online press conference during its "Beauty Without Limit" Meitu Image Festival, releasing 6 new products including Chic, Meitu ID Photo, Wink, Meitu Mac Version, Meitu Design Studio, and Meitu AI Photo Editing. The 6 new imaging products compose and deepen Meitu's image SaaS strategy, aiming to provide a full range of beauty-related services for life and work scenarios.

At the same time, Meitu also announced that the growth of its premium membership services has reached 4.5 million members worldwide.

Premium service becomes Meitu's second growth cornerstone

At the press conference, Wu Xinhong, the Founder and CEO of Meitu, announced the data related to Meitu's premium services. By the end of February 2022, Meitu had about 4.5 million premium service users worldwide. Among them, the number of domestic premium service users is about 2.93 million.

Wu Xinhong, Founder and CEO of Meitu

Premium services are an important part of Meitu's image SaaS strategy, which aims to provide high-quality beauty-related services for all of the life and work scenarios of our users. The rapid growth of Meitu's premium service is mainly due to Meitu's investment and development of imaging technology, and its continuous innovation of product functions, enabling it to continually bring novelty to its users in an intensely competitive market.

With its premium services, Meitu allows users to enjoy more convenient tools, richer creative content, and more advanced image functions, so as to offer a better experience. With wide recognition from users, the premium services have become Meitu's second growth cornerstone.

SaaS services empower all-round scenarios from work to life

As a technology company with "beauty" as its core ideal and AI as the driving force, Meitu keeps bringing technology innovations to perfect its image and beauty industry SaaS service layout, hoping to satisfy the changing needs of users in different scenarios.

Supported by MT Lab's leading technical strength, Meitu was recently able to launch 6 image and beauty industry SaaS service products, including Chic, Meitu ID Photo, Wink, Meitu Mac Version, Meitu Design Studio, and Meitu AI Photo Editing.

Chic and Wink

Chic features regular updates of journal-style effects; Meitu ID Photo allows users to generate HD ID photos with ease; while Wink, a video app, highlights its portrait retouching effects, aiming to satisfy different video editing needs. Those three products provide categoried and personalized services to solve image needs in daily life.

Meitu Mac Version

Meitu's SaaS service also solves the pain points in commercial scenarios. The Meitu Mac version is intended to cover commercial scenarios, highlighting image processing and poster design features, while Meitu Design Studio provides design services for online marketing and selling.

Meitu Design Studio

Before and after applying Meitu AI Photo Editing's teeth correction effect

Speaking on the topic, Wu Xinhong, founder and CEO of Meitu, said in the conference, "Beauty Without Limit refers to an exploration of one's own style, the pursuit of diversified aesthetics, and the continuous innovation of image aesthetics. From photo editing to video editing and professional design, from life to work, from real to virtual, Meitu hopes that every user can create their own beauty style. In the future, Meitu will stick to its aspirations, continuing to conduct technology innovations and devote its efforts to making beauty more accessible to users through technology. ”