BeautyCam is selected for QM's "2021 China Mobile Internet Top 50 Apps by User Base" list


Recently, QuestMobile, a domestic third-party data agency, released "Revelation of China's Mobile Internet Development (2022)," and simultaneously announced the "2021 China Mobile Internet Value List," which listed the trendy selfie app BeautyCam, WeChat, Taobao, the Meitu App, and others on the "TOP50 Apps by User Base" list.

BeautyCam wins first place in the camera app sector

According to QuestMobile's report, photo beautification is ranked among the "Top 10 first-class mobile Internet industries," with an increase of 55.2 million users since September 2020. Among them, the group with the largest growth is Gen Z. It is precisely by continuously capturing and meeting the needs of young users that BeautyCam has established an advantage in the photography sector.

Gen Z monthly active users

The report also pointed out that as of September 2021, Gen Z users have grown by 13.5%, reaching 312 million, and have become the main user segment of the mobile Internet. Therefore, grasping the interests and preferences of younger groups and continuously satisfying and understanding their needs will be essential for enterprises to compete in the future.

BeautyCam has a strong foothold with young users and brings a new imaging experience around their interests and hobbies.

"The Chinese Beauty" City Series AR

Knowing the trends of culture, BeautyCam has insight into the changing needs of young users. With the increasing interest of young users in national patriotism, BeautyCam has curated patriotic content and launched "The Chinese Beauty" city-themed AR, which integrates patriotic culture into selfies and creates nationally-styled images for users.

BeautyCam not only keeps up with trends but is also good at setting them. In 2021, BeautyCam successively launched the #earlysummervibes, #summerhottiemakeup, and #selfietones selfie themes and invited Xu Lu, Zhang Xueying, Zhou Jieqiong, Chen Xiaoyun, Hanikezi, and more than a dozen other celebrities to act as promoters of new selfie styles, the celebrity designer Zhao Lusi launched the smiley eye makeup; during the Christmas season, BeautyCam created a weeklong Christmas AR-fitting event, in which a variety of AR effects co-designed with actress Zhou Yangqing, designer Sun Jiayi, and Peng Bo were launched to start an AR carnival for users.

BeautyCam × Zhou Yangqing Collaboration AR Effect

The ability to garner the affection of so many young users is not only due to the experience brought by its innovative features, but also the industry-leading technology that powers BeautyCam. Driven by leading imaging technology, BeautyCam continues to meet users' imaging needs in a variety of scenarios, achieving dual upgrades in experience and effects.

BeautyCam's 3D Nose effect

In addition to the AR cloth-changing effect that uses clothing segmentation, BeautyCam also launched a Monitor Mode, which solves problems young users face when photographing scenes of traveling, visiting stores, dressing up, or taking mirror selfies, effectively improving photo output rate. Its medical-grade effects even allow young users to virtually experience a 3D nose job, 3D cheek lift, 3D overbite correction, forehead enhancement, hairline adjustment, and other plastic surgery effects.

Relying on their grasp of fashion trends and their continuous upgrade of user experience, BeautyCam's has continuously deepened its image as a trendy selfie app in users. It sets trends while constantly consolidating its core competitiveness and continues to grow together with its young users.