QuestMobile's China Mobile Internet's 2021 semi-annual report shows that Meitu wins No.1 in two categories


Recently, QuestMobile’s released its China Mobile Internet 2021 Semi-Annual Report, which showed BeautyCam and the Meitu App took the No. 1 ranking in the Camera app and Photo Beautification categories, respectively, on the China Mobile Internet Value List.

BeautyCam and the Meitu App rank No. 1 in Camera app and Photo Beautification rankings

According to QuestMobile's "China Mobile Internet 2021 Semi-annual Report", as of June 2021, the number of mobile Internet users in China reached a record high of 1.164 billion; the average number of monthly per capita use of apps reached 26.3; and the penetration rate of mobile social networking, mobile video, and mobile shopping apps exceeded 90%.

Focusing on user needs and continuing to innovate and upgrade

Meitu takes “Beauty” as its core ideal and artificial intelligence as its driving force. Relying on its industry-leading imaging technology and precise industry insights, it manages to continually innovate to meet the diverse needs of its users and maintain its leading position in the industry.

Wu Xinhong, founder and CEO of Meitu, said: "We have been exploring the engine of brand growth and found out that it is an insight into the changing needs of young people." Meitu continued to meet the young generation's diversified imaging requirements by continually updating its products according to their needs.

BeautyCam's Medical-Grade Beautification Features

Nowadays, young users are no longer satisfied with the old ways of beautifying their skin, and are now pursuing a real and more natural aesthetic style with more refined facial features adjustments. BeautyCam, Meitu's trendy selfie app, made use of this trend and launched new features to deliver users personalized medical-grade beauty effects.

The medical-grade features allow users to customize and adjust the parameters of their facial details, including facial skin, contour, eyes, nose, and even mouth shape, hairline, teeth and other details, which fully meets the personalized beautification needs and has been wildly popular since its launch.

The Meitu App's “GUNG HEI FAAT COI” template

With their fast-paced modern lives, young users have an increasing demand for efficient image beautification. Under the circumstance, the Meitu App launched its Meitu Templates function, which allows users to say goodbye to the embarrassment of "taking pictures for five minutes and retouching them for two hours" and has become popular on social platforms for its novel image editing experience.

Data shows that during the Spring Festival alone, the Meitu App’s daily active users peaked at over 31 million, an increase of 13% year-on-year compared with data from the 2020 Spring Festival. On New Year's Eve alone, the number of images saved by users on the Meitu App exceeded 120 million. The number of Meitu Templates saves on New Year's Eve increased by 9 times compared with saves on normal days, and the number of community users on the Meitu App increased by 98% year-on-year.

Constructing a content generation system and creating beauty with our users

While continuing to polish its products to meet the needs of young users for image beautification, Meitu has built a high-quality content ecosystem with "beauty" at its core, becoming a fellow traveler on the road to "beauty" for young users through interaction and user experience upgrades.

The Meitu App has been upgraded from an image beautification tool to a trendy aesthetic content platform, cooperating with many popular IP brands, films, and television shows to create customized effects and provide users with more image beautification options to continuously enrich its content ecology.

During the Olympics, the Meitu App and Migu Video launched the "Cheer for Chinese Athletes" sticker, which aroused users' enthusiasm to take photos and share them on social media.

The Meitu App's "Cheer for Chinese Athletes" sticker

In addition, the Meitu Templates function that greatly reduces the threshold for retouching with rich materials and simple operation procedures, has caused more users to actively participate in creating and sharing their work, providing the Meitu App community with fresh, high-quality content.

As the most popular camera app in China, BeautyCam continues to lead the aesthetic trend as it grows alongside its young users. The recently released Post-00s Beauty Management Trend by BeautyCam is trying to embrace the trends of fashion by combining refined beauty with video beautification and rear-camera photo beautification needs.

BeautyCam regularly releases celebrity collaborations and fashion information about selfies, makeup, skincare and OOTD, to continually attract the attention of young users.

 Meitu's precise insight into the needs of young users and in-depth exploration of more beautification functions and content are the keys to its long-term and stable position at the top of the imaging field. With the improvement of the "beauty" ecology, Meitu will continue to update its products and beauty management services, helping users become more beautiful in all areas of life.