Meitu Aesthetics has become a domestic cooperation platform for @cosme's Best Cosmetics Awards, providing comprehensive opinions for aesthetic consumer selection


There are many types of professional makeup artists and beauty influencers around the world. Many have very different styles, but they all reference the same beauty report, which is @cosme's Best Cosmetics Awards from Japan.

@cosme's Best Cosmetics Awards for the first half of 2021 was launched on Meitu Aesthetics

Japan's @cosme released their Best Cosmetics Awards for the first half of 2021 on Meitu's new beauty business platform Meitu Aesthetics.  Since the cooperation began, Meitu Aesthetics has become the exclusive domestic partner platform of the Best Cosmetics Awards and has released a series of online and offline campaigns with @cosme, bringing an immersive beauty-related experience to domestic users.

Meitu and @cosme jointly create high-quality services

Focusing on users' demands for quality beauty products, @cosme and Meitu Aesthetics have joined hands to create a new scenario-based shopping experience. The @cosme and Meitu Aesthetics' co-branded pop-up store, which gathers together many quality products, recently landed in Shanghai, attracting many users to experience and purchase co-branded products.

The @cosme and Meitu Aesthetics co-branded pop-up store

At the same time, a @cosme Sushi Makeup pop-up store was also released on Meitu Aesthetics with a Sushi Go Round lottery game and new Meitu Templates were released to provide a fun photography experience. To fully arouse the interest of visitors to the store, users also have the chance to win a co-branded surprise box if they join in the interactive activities.

The surprise in the co-branded box is six carefully selected high-quality niche products, giving users a prize that's even better than they expected.

@cosme Best Cosmetics Awards and Meitu Aesthetics' co-branded pop-up store showcasing quality products from the first half of 2021

The Japanese beauty and cosmetics website @cosme originally launched in 1999 and features over 39,000 brands with over 340,000 listed products in total and more than 16 million reviews. It's popularly known as "Japan's cosmetics and fashion trendsetter". The @cosme Beauty Awards selects products based on real user reviews, making the reviews highly trusted and recognized by users both at home and abroad. Products listed usually receive an increase in sales and an improved reputation.

It's understood that the @cosme website requires a high degree of authenticity from its users. When registering, not only do they have to fill in their personal information and occupation, but they also need to choose their skin attributes. There are also various requirements for writing reviews. Repetitive and meaningless content will be removed, and any users who want to write reviews are required to register their phone number to ensure that the user is accountable for their review. Every reviewer must have actually used the product before writing a review. They are allowed to rate the product from 0-7 stars, and should review from the perspective of their reason for purchasing it, their usage method, effectiveness of the product, highlights of the product, and more. To make the reviews more objective, users also need to disclose whether or not their product is a free sample, a gift, or an item they purchased. Users are also categorized and labeled by various categories such as membership qualifications, evaluation range, and evaluation focus. The weight of user ratings varies from tag to tag, ensuring the objectivity and authenticity of the rating list.

Featuring authentic reviews from such a large number of users has made @cosme a touchstone in the cosmetics field, and @cosme's Best Cosmetics Awards have become a cosmetics shopping guide for global consumers, including many Chinese users. @cosme entered the Chinese market with the intention of bringing unbiased information about cosmetics products and true user experiences to Chinese consumers.

Based on the consensus of @cosme and Meitu Aesthetics on user needs, this cooperation brings domestic users high-quality products selected by real users who have written real reviews. The two parties also wish to integrate beauty into real life by combining online and offline interaction opportunities so as to bring users a surprising and satisfying experience.

Focusing on product quality, Meitu Aesthetics is empowering the upgrade of the beauty industry

For a long time, small- and medium-sized cosmetic companies in the Chinese market have had trouble making their products known to more consumers due to insufficient promotion and costly marketing expenses, causing them to eventually become OEMs for large companies. The emphasis on the product itself implied in the @cosme system gives small- and medium-sized companies that are willing to put in the effort a chance to polish their products and stand out in a competitive market.

Wu Xinhong, Founder and CEO of Meitu, has said that the cosmetics market is gradually returning to rationality, and he hopes to see Meitu become a fulcrum that calls on the industry to return its focus to the products themselves. Meitu hopes to help users discover more great products with its "beauty researcher" system and with real product reviews.

In the process, small- and medium-sized cosmetic companies and emerging national brands will have the opportunity to reach the more than 300 million beauty users on the Meitu Aesthetics platform through the objective and realistic evaluations available on the researcher evaluation system. By combining user feedback and the market performance of the products, Meitu Aesthetics can also help small- and medium-sized cosmetic companies adjust their R&D direction, grasp user needs more precisely, and assist in the rise of national products.

Meitu Aesthetics Online H5

Meitu Aesthetics focuses on discovering and promoting high-quality products and brands, becoming another beauty tool for Meitu to evolve from a "virtual" to a "real" business. Meitu Aesthetics will help Meitu provide users with high-quality beauty management services and promote the transformation and upgrade of the beauty industry.