MeituEve, from Meitu, takes part in the 2021 World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements Roadshow Solicitation


As an important part of the World Internet Conference 2021, the World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements Roadshow Solicitation kicked off in Beijing. Meitu participated in the roadshow along with the China Mobile Research Institute, Kaspersky, and Qualcomm. Liu Luoqi, Vice President of Technology at Meitu and Head of MT Lab, shared MeituEve's leading technological achievements at the activity.

Liu Luoqi shared MeituEve's leading technological achievements at the activity

MeituEve is an AI-based, one-stop hardware and software system built to serve the beauty industry. It provides scientific and in-depth analysis of customers' skin, which enables cosmetic and medical beauty merchants to provide targeted skin care solutions and grow trust with their consumers. By recording consumers' skin condition over a long period of time, merchants are also able to provide personalized services. 

Self-developed AI skin analysis technology solves many of the pain points for the industry

MeituEve's self-developed high-precision skin detection algorithm can accurately detect 10 skin dimensions and 17 sub-criteria and accurately determine skin issues including acne, spots and moles. With its high-performance inference engine, MeituEve can also complete the process of skin detection efficiently and smoothly while continuously improving the professionalism and stability of the software.

The superiority of MeituEve is due to its algorithm innovations, massive data, and the work of professional dermatologists via data labelling and manual verification.

Over the years, Meitu has been dedicating itself to facial beautification and has accumulated huge amounts of data for image algorithm training, resulting in an AI system that can accurately identify facial skin problems.

MeituEve's professional R&D team

MeituEve's AI power. Established in 2010, Meitu Imaging & Vision Lab (MT Lab) has been dedicated to the R&D of AI and image processing technologies, and has obtained 541 exclusive technical patents on AI image algorithms and holds 192 software product copyrights. Based on MT Lab, Meitu has formed MeituEve Lab, focused on developing MeituEve's core algorithm which has won many world image algorithm awards including the Lesion Segmentation Competition at the 2018 ISIC Challenge.

MeituEve's scientific power. MeituEve has entered into a collaboration with Dr. Sijia Wang, Deputy Director of the Biomedical Data Center of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, in the field of skin genomics to further improve MeituEve's algorithm in skin aging detection. 

MeituEve's medical power. MeituEve has established a long-term partnership with the Shanghai Skin Hospital to provide authoritative medical opinions for MeituEve's detection standards and smart skin care solutions. All these factors have enabled MeituEve to stand out and take the stage at the World Internet Conference.

At the conference, Liu Luoqi stated, "In the current beauty market, it is difficult for consumers to tell the effects of a skincare product and clarify their own skincare needs, making it difficult to properly solve their skin problems. For brands and merchants, the lack of personalized service and scientific skin detection standards makes it difficult to find target consumer groups, resulting in low marketing efficiency.” To address this pain point, Meitu continually updates its high-quality imaging products for users while actively developing beauty SaaS services such as AI skin analysis and AR makeup trials, striving to help users become beautiful in all aspects, while also creating greater business opportunities for partners.

Meitu's digital empowerment for the upgrade of the beauty industry

Currently, MeituEve's expertise has been acknowledged by many brands in the beauty industry. Previously, MeituEve entered into a strategic partnership with Shiseido's new scientific anti-aging brand, EFFECTIM, and is the only partner to develop EFFECTIM's intelligent 3D facial diagnosis technology. In addition to Shiseido, other international brands such as Dior have also cooperated with MeituEve, using its technology for their digital and intelligent technology transformation.

According to Meitu's annual report, MeituEve, as one of Meitu's incubated innovation businesses, had the second largest revenue in 2020 in Meitu's "Other business revenue" category.  To keep empowering the digital and intelligent upgrade of the beauty industry, Meitu has launched software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solutions such as MeituEve, hoping to add value for the industry in artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology, marketing and customer reach, as well as supply chain management.

Meitu's SaaS service for the industry

Wu Xinhong, Founder and CEO of Meitu, has previously said that artificial intelligence will become the infrastructure of the digital economy, and that Meitu will integrate its front-end smart devices and back-end beauty services with AI capabilities to launch services for the consumer market, allowing users to realize their beauty in both the virtual and the real world.

Internet technology based on artificial intelligence and big data is profoundly changing the era we live in. Retail, news, catering, finance, transportation and other industries have become more efficient with the intervention of Internet technology. Meitu will also change the beauty industry and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry using the intelligent tools represented by MeituEve and many other SaaS services Meitu is working on.