Meitu attends the 9th China Internet Audio & Radio Convention, empowering brand growth with innovative marketing solutions


The 9th China Internet Audio & Radio Convention kicked off in Chengdu on June 3rd, directed by the Cyberspace Administration of China, hosted by the National Radio and Television Administration and The People's Government of Sichuan Province, and organized by The People's Government of Chengdu City and the China Netcasting Services Association. The convention was held offline and online through a live broadcast with the theme of "A New Journey in Audio & Radio", with over 5,000 industry guests attending and sharing.

Meitu attended the convention and introduced Meitu's ideas on how to develop creative marketing solutions at the Audio & Radio New Consumption Empowerment forum on June 4th. Meitu shared its experience and ideas for brand growth by taking the Meitu app's Templates feature as an example, which was warmly welcomed by the young group.

Meitu templates enable new marketing growth for brands 

On New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival blessing photos and videos created with traditional customs and cultural elements provided by the Meitu App's Templates feature were very popular on social media, making it stand out immediately. According to Meitu, on New Year's Eve alone, the number of images saved was 120 million, 9 times higher than usual. During the Spring Festival, the “GUNG HEI FAAT COI” template alone was used more than 36 million times.

The Meitu Templates feature is an upgrade to the Derivatives feature. Users are able to apply video and photo templates created by other users with just one tap to create professional quality photos and videos. The Templates feature allows users to say goodbye to the embarrassment of "taking pictures for five minutes and retouching them for two hours". The easy operation also encourages users to actively create and share their works. Combined with social hot topics, festival scenes and brand promotions, the Meitu App features various designed templates. Users who actively share and recreate templates help Meitu achieve a richer content stream and receive the ability to stand out among others on social media.

The Meitu App and iFashion Week jointly created a customized "Love in Spring" template

The Templates feature has the advantages of stirring discussion and giving brands a shortcut to getting closer to users. The Meitu App and iFashion Week jointly created a customized "Love in Spring" template, which was used 2.83 million times and received 3.19 million topic views. It provides fun to users and brings greater consumption power to the activity.

Meitu's innovative marketing tactics promote the growth of the brand

Based on industry-leading image beautification technology and a high-quality aesthetic content ecology, Meitu continues to discover and meet the needs of young users and use innovative marketing methods to help the beauty industry, including many national brands, achieve better development.

Previously, the Meitu App cooperated with MARUBI, a brand focused on eye skin care, to complete an innovative marketing strategy using new image technologies. The Meitu App created a MARUBI spokesman-themed AR effect and other eye-related effects in a special section of the app. The strategy helped build a closer relationship between the brand and users in the app and brought the warm image of MARUBI to its target users.

Besides AR technologies, cultural empowerment is also one of Meitu's advantages. At present, national culture, which is highly sought after by young groups, is in the golden period of development. Meitu's accumulation in national culture in recent years has given it an advantage in content for marketing empowerment. Last year, the Meitu App used AR technology to empower national brands and jointly customized 3 Dunhuang-themed makeup effects with Carslan. The Dunhuang cave scene and makeup effects were cleverly combined, allowing users to immersively experience the makeup effects and Dunhuang's cultural charm, achieving the deep integration of branding and cultural Intellectual Property. In addition, the national beauty collection store WOW COLOR, as well as UNIFON and other brands, have been promoted with the support of Meitu's national culture ideas.

Meitu and Carslan's jointly developed AR makeup looks

In order to provide more comprehensive support for beauty brands, Meitu recently launched its new beauty platform Meitu Aesthetics, with plans to recruit a 10,000-scale “Beauty Researcher” team within the year. Based on a professional perspective and word-of-mouth popularity, the platform selects high-quality products and brands, creating a third-party platform of cutting-edge domestic beauty products and brands. In addition, MeituEve, MeituGenius and other hardware products are providing solutions for skin analysis and virtual makeup trials to brands and stores. One of Meitu’s joint-venture companies, Meidd, is currently providing Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) and Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) solutions for cosmetic stores in China.

From upgrading its products to empowering brands, Meitu is using its industry-leading image technology and grasp of aesthetic trends to meet the increasing needs of users for beauty and explore the aesthetic value of commercial content, which is expected to bring a greater business space for Meitu in the future.