The second phase of Meitu Future Art Museum opens, exhibiting top artworks


Many science fiction works set their gaze on the boundaries that human civilization can reach in the future and explore the relationship between man and machine. Seeking to advance this topic, the second phase of the Meitu Future Art Museum recently went live, curated by Meitu Creator Platform (MCP).

The exhibitors are SeenVision, a top dynamic visual design team, and Ruby9100m, a digital artist. With the themes of “Emotional Republic - WE ARE NOT MACHINES” and “Digital Evolution”, the exhibition brought about a total of 10 cutting-edge AR effects, including “Jealousy”, “Sadness”, “Joy”, “Fear”, “Love”, Mechanical Humans, Geometric Evolution, Punk Century, Model Ruby9100M, and Cyber Transfer.

The second phase of Meitu Future Art Museum opens to the public

Digital Technology Gives Art More Possibilities

The Meitu Future Art Museum, which focuses on digital art, channels online and offline viewing to bring a new interactive experience, allowing users to see the possibilities of combining digital technology with art.

SeenVision's "Emotion" works display the emotions of “Jealousy”, “Sadness”, “Joy”, “Fear”, and “Love”, along with other human emotions through different textures and irregular animation effects that are interactive.

Dynamic Visual Design Team SeenVision's Digital Artwork

With the theme of “Digital Evolution”, Ruby9100m's worksprovide users with special makeup styles, CG special face effects, and 3D decorative elements, allowing users to experience a different aesthetic taste.Ruby9100m'sworks in the exhibition have been wildly popular.

Ruby9100m's Digital Artworks

With the Meitu Future Art Museum, users can not only view the exhibition online and feel the charm of digital art anytime, anywhere, but can also use the same AR effects to generate their own exclusive images. On the #Meitu Future Art Museum topic in the Meitu App community, many users are talking about the exhibition, making it a hot topic in the community search rankings.

The #Meitu Future Art Museum topic in the hot search rankings

Connecting the power of pioneering digital art to enrich our aesthetic content ecology

From the works of Tim Yip, the leader of “New Oriental Aesthetics”, to the futuristic and surreal AR works of SeenVision and Ruby9100m, Meitu Future Art Museum continues to attract pioneering digital artists to create influential high-quality content.

The First Exhibition of Meitu Future Art Museum

As the curator of the exhibition, MCP uses pioneering aesthetic content to arouse the emotional resonance of young people, encouraging more young creators to harness their inspiration and participate in the creation of future aesthetics.  It is reported that the next edition of the exhibition will feature the works of TAGstudio's art team. TAGstudio, co-founded by graffiti artists Jayet and Fish, is a creative studio focused on graffiti and street art. It integrates new media with space art, motion graphics, and other forms of expression and was the first art team in China to use AR technology to celebrate graffiti culture.

MCP continues to bring together pioneering digital artists, and with the traffic in the Meitu App and BeautyCam, its most popular products, it is able to not only improve its content ecology and shape the aesthetics image of the company, but also empower its partners in marketing and accelerate the integration of Meitu's content and business. 

By opening access to the technology and tools of MCP, we're encouraging creators to create future aesthetics with more innovative works, bringing long-term value to both users and the industry.