The Meitu App launches themed templates for Dragon Boat Festival, creating new fun for users


In recent years, more and more young people have been focused on traditional culture and paying more attention to the rituals of various traditional festivals. For Dragon Boat Festival, they have taken the initiative to participate in traditional customs, including wrapping sticky rice dumplings (Zongzi), hanging Chinese mugwort, and wearing perfume pouches. On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, the Meitu App launched themed templates that allow users to record every ritual and moment of Dragon Boat Festival and send their best wishes to friends and relatives near and far.

Dragon Boat Festival themed template

Dragon Boat Festival themed template

Meitu Templates, creating a new style of image beautification

Meitu Templates feature is an upgrade to the Derivatives feature. Based on rich elements and easy operation, users are able to apply video and photo templates created by other users with just one tap to create professional quality photos and videos.

With the Templates feature, users can easily find the template that suits their style for different scenarios, allowing them to say goodbye to the embarrassment of "taking pictures for ten minutes and retouching them for two hours".

During Spring Festival this year, the Meitu App launched blessing images and videos for Chinese traditional customs, causing Meitu Templates to quickly gain popularity among young users. According to the data, the “GUNG HEI FAAT COI” template was used over 36 million times during Spring Festival. The number of images saved on New Year's Eve reached 120 million.

“GUNG HEI FAAT COI” template

Rich elements to meet the needs of multi-scene image beautification

Combined with social hot topics, festival scenes and brand promotions, the Meitu App features various designed templates. Users who actively share and recreate templates help Meitu achieve a richer content stream and receive the ability to stand out among others on social media.

At the opening of Taobao iFashon Week, the Meitu App and iFashion Week jointly created a customized "Love in Spring" template, which received 3.19 million topic views and was quickly used 2.83 million times. The Meitu App is helping users to enjoy an immersive experience while unlocking more consumption potential.

The Meitu App and iFashion Week jointly created a customized "Love in Spring" template

In addition to brand promotion, festivals, hot topics and other scenarios, Meitu Templates can help users create a professional image/video in 10 seconds during daily use with its simple operation and rich elements, which has inspired many beauty lovers to share their works. With excellent effects, the Meitu Templates feature has attracted many young users and has even become a must-have feature for sharing beautiful photos on social media.

From feature upgrades to capturing trends and improving content and elements, Meitu continuously improves its product quality to meet the preferences of young users. And with its industry-leading image technology and insights into aesthetic trends, Meitu helps users become more beautiful in all aspects from the virtual world to the real world.