Meitu attends the China Beauty Expo (CBE) with its MeituEve product, innovative technology to empower beauty brands


The 26th China Beauty Expo (CBE) was held on May 12th in Shanghai. As an international trade event for the beauty and cosmetic industry, domestic and foreign beauty and cosmetic enterprises had the opportunity to show their latest achievements. Meitu attends CBE with MeituEve, its magical technology achievement, helping the beauty industry's upgrade using multiple industry-leading technologies.

MeituEve shown at CBE

Achieving high-precision scientific skin analysis based on technological innovations

MeituEve, developed by Meitu's technology brain MT Lab, provides cosmetic, beauty and other related industries and institutions multi-scenario skin analysis solutions based on Meitu's exclusive imaging & vision technologies and AI algorithms.

Adhering to the concept of scientific skin analysis, MeituEve used technical innovations regarding skin analysis standards and methods to bring the first aging condition detection standard to the industry, empowering brands with customized anti-aging services. Jointly developed with the help of a team of professional dermatologists, a 3D indicator for skin-aging detection was introduced, which is the first of its kind to detect the apples of cheeks, eye bags, saggy fat on the corners of the mouth, the edge of the jaw, and other dimensions to more scientifically and accurately measure the degree of skin aging.

The three technological innovations of MeituEve

With scientific detection standards and methods, MeituEve's developed a 3D+2D skin detection system that can detect skin problems with high accuracy. The groundbreaking use of 3D-structured light remarkably improves the accuracy and precision of collected skin information by using skin restoration, resulting in highly accurate detection results. 

The advanced skin detection method relies on Meitu's accumulated technology and data from a continuously updated algorithm developed by its powerful R&D hub MT Lab. MeituEve is able to detect a consumer's skin aging condition and compare it to others of the same age, helping consumers understand their skin condition.

In addition, MeituEve provides high-end customized services for brands and stores, and channels merchant's CRM systems to make store management more efficient, promoting offline store upgrades in all aspects. 

Beauty brands beat the competition with scientific skincare 

The rise of the beauty economy is accelerating the demands for anti-aging products and services. Data shows that in August 2020, the sales volume of online anti-aging products reached RMB 2.21 billion, an increase of 29% compared with July 2020. Chinese consumer's fear of aging has incubated a huge anti-aging market, with Forbes data suggesting that China's anti-aging market has development potential of RMB 100 billion per year. The 2021 Women's Anti-Aging Investment Insight Report released by CBNData pointed out that 78% of women are not satisfied with their skin condition, of which anti-aging has become the main skincare demand.

The urgent demand has ignited competition in the market. Skincare brands are struggling with finding ways to help users choose the most suitable anti-aging products for them. MeituEve has emerged at an appropriate time to help solve this problem.

Helping consumers understand their skin using digital technology, and recommending skincare plans based on their specific skin condition, MeituEve helps consumers make scientific and efficient decisions during the purchase process. Furthermore, MeituEve helps brands to optimize their offline marketing strategies and explore their business potential.  At present, MeituEve has reached cooperation agreements with Dior, Shiseido and other well-known international brands.

As an important component of Meitu's SaaS services, MeituEve is becoming a strong component in the digital transformation of the beauty industry. MeituEve's pioneering skin aging detection standards and 3D + 2D skin detection system will undoubtedly attract more attention from beauty brands.