The Meitu App launches Mother's Day-themed templates with the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF) to convey love


The Happiness Project, sponsored by CPWP, has improved the lives of more than 100,000 mothers in need since 1995. On the occasion of Mother's Day in 2021, the Meitu App joined hands with CPWF for the Happiness Project by sending well wishes to all mothers with warm and creative Meitu templates.

The Meitu templates convey the love and warmth of Mother's Day

As a gift for all mothers, Meitu and CPWF jointly launched an H5 page for the "To Mom With Love" campaign, using heartwarming stories about mothers and daughters to remind our users of warm memories with their own mothers.

(Meitu and CPWF jointly launched a Mother's Day-themed H5 page campaign.)

In addition, the Meitu App also launched 4 Mother's Day-themed templates, including Sweet, Retro and Elegant, which allowed users to create Mother's Day images and videos with just one tap.

Using Meitu templates to create various Mother's Day images and videos for social media has become a trend our users embrace to express well wishes to their mothers, which includes sharing sweet group photos, sharing photos of their mother when she was young, and recording great moment they've had together.

(Mother's Day-themed templates in the Meitu App.)

Meitu shows its positive energy

As an enterprise focused on becoming beauty, Meitu's cooperation on the Happiness Project is just a microcosm of our continuous practice of social responsibility and promotion of beauty and positive energy.

Previously, the Meitu App joined hands with Free Lunch for Children's launch of the "Free Lunch" charity campaign with the theme of #Building a Flowery Road for My Idol, and also jointly launched a charity clothing donation campaign titled "Add 1℃" with the China Charity Federation, both of which saw great participation from our users.

Meitu has also become a platform for promoting positive energy and harnessing the power of young people. After the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020, Meitu launched timely activities on the Meitu App, BeautyCam, Meipai and other platforms to focus on the effort to end the pandemic, encouraging users to overcome the pandemic with knowledge, gratefulness, and encouraging content.

With its flagship apps, Meitu combines positive energy with fun activities to encourage young users, among the activities we've jointly held are the New Youth 2020 School Opening Season Band Concert, the 5th Cross-Strait Youth Network Audiovisual Excellence Exhibition, and the Our Well-Off Story, among others.

(Meipai's "Our Well-Off Story" positive energy video collection)

Meitu has always been active in embracing social responsibility and promoting public welfare, using the advantages of our platform to create a better life together with our users. From imaging & video beautification to empowering the beauty industry, Meitu not only helps users become more beautiful from the virtual world to the real world, but also deeply roots positive energy into its brand development efforts, hoping to spread love and warmth to the people who need it most.