The development of the Meitu App community begins to bear fruit with the number of active users in the Meitu App community setting a new record


The updated version of the Meitu App released at the beginning of 2021 introduced a Templates feature, resulting in viral usage and sharing. On New Year’s Eve, the number of users of Templates exceeded 120 million, 9 times the normal amount, causing the number of Meitu App community users to increase 98% year-on-year.


The successful development of the entire system is contributing to an increase in active users. The Meitu App can now support itself with the Professional Generated Content (PGC) produced through the Meitu Creator Platform and the User Generated Content (UGC) produced through its Templates feature, creating a content system that includes professional creators, designers, users, and brands, and transforming the app from a single image editing tool to a platform that can generate beauty-related content and lead the overall development of aesthetics.


The Meitu Creator Platform and PGC


In June 2020, Meitu released the Meitu Creator Platform to allow people with a passion for art and aesthetics to express their ideas. The platform has become a content matrix that has a deep connection with industry-leading artists, content geeks, and creators, and allows Meitu to have a creator library that contains designers, caricaturists, visual effect artists, freehand sketching talents, and more, enriching the creativity and novelty of Meitu’s products.


The platform lowers the creation threshold for creators by providing an AR creation tool MCPstudio. Creators can produce their own designs using the makeup and sticker creation features with the tool, or using the existing elements in the tool. The creations will be exposed to millions of users in Meitu products including the Meitu App, BeautyCam and Meipai. 

Meitu Creator Platform Interface


The resource also provides ideas and content for Meitu’s cooperative brands to conduct personalized marketing. The creations on the Meitu Creator Platform are applied to Meitu products and brand marketing, which helps to both commercialize the creators’ works and diversify brands’ marketing.


The Templates feature and UGC


The Templates feature in the latest updated version of the Meitu App facilitates the conversion of PGC into user created content.


The Meitu App’s Derivatives feature that was loved by users was updated to Templates, with a renewed aim to connect more target user groups with image editing tools.


The "Template Creator" was developed as part of the Templates update process. Creative ordinary users, art creators, professional artists, and even brands can now be template creators in the Meitu App community. The creators creatively combines aesthetic elements, and the templates generated are allowing users to quickly complete image beautification and share their work with different groups of users on social platforms. 

The Templates interface in the Meitu App

The emergence of more creators and templates are making young users’ desire to have personalized beautification effects come true. At the same time, the development truly achieves Meitu’s hope to transform its flagship product into a social platform focused on images.


For brands, it creates a new channel for them to communicate with young users. By becoming a creator or cooperating with creators, brands can easily bring their brand elements into an open social network platform. The interaction between ordinary users (UGC) and creators (PGC) and the communication need between brands and the content system are truly coming to fruition.