The Meitu App’s portrait beautification drives growth in VIP memberships


With young Internet users as a driving force of growth, natural portrait beautification has become a major trend. The Meitu App garnered insights into this trend and quickly released new features based on the advantages in image beautification of Meitu’s technical brain, MTlab. The features have brought a new experience to users and helped drive the growth of the Meitu App’s VIP system.


Enhancing user experience through intelligent technology


The new portrait beautification features focus on improving skin, teeth and other details. The Sweet, Girly and Cream skin effects have contributed most to the growth in VIP memberships.

Skin tone adjustment


Based on MTlab’s self-developed Smart Grey retouch solution, the Meitu App offers Fair, Light, Medium and other skin tone & texture adjustment options to meet the demands of users of different ages from different regions. Differing from the traditional skin smoothing feature, the effect maximize the preservation of skin details to provide a more natural effect.

Smile lines adjustment

The newly updated Firmness function smartly detects wrinkles, including forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, smile lines and neck lines, automatically removeing them. The new auto-detection of wrinkles results in a more convenient experience for users compared to the previous manual method. 

Teeth correction effect

By applying MTlab’s smart repair technology, the Meitu App added a teeth correction feature that allows users to whiten their teeth and smartly strengthen their teeth. It creates both a natural dimensional look and glossiness while also precisely detecting and strengthening any crooked teeth, even when users are making exaggerated facial expressions.  

Beautification features boost VIP membership growth

Meitu’s feature-release campaigns have consistently boosted VIP memberships.


The Meitu App’s Hair Editor function broke through the technological difficulties of low-clarity and inconsistent texture in hair adjustment, bringing a one-tap hairline filling feature and the ability to add various styles of bangs. The feature not only brought users refined and natural hair effects, but also contributed to a large growth in VIP memberships.

The Meitu App also released a Templates feature for easy editing and sharing. Supported by our powerful image technologies, the feature has become extremely popular. On New Year’s Eve, the number of users of Templates exceeded 120 million, 9 times higher than normal. The number of the Meitu App community users increased by 98% year-on-year and the amount of active users also reached a new record, bringing a positive influence on the growth of its VIP system.

By carrying on Meitu’s focus on aesthetics and relying on MTlab’s powerful technologies, the Meitu App continually innovates by adding features and improving the user experience, hoping to develop the world of beauty for and alongside its users.