Meitu’s overseas products welcomed by global users, Meitu listed in the Top Publisher Awards 2021


According to the Top Publishers Awards 2021 released by App Annie, a mobile data and analytics platform, Meitu was selected as one of the winners on the Top 30 list based on the number of downloads of its products in overseas markets over the last year. Meitu has been developing its overseas business since 2014, and has provided users in over 100 countries and regions with a more convenient Internet technology experience through refined operations. Meitu’s apps have become favored by users worldwide. 

Top 30 publisher on App Annie’s Top Publisher Awards 2021 list


Creating experiences for overseas users with in-depth localization operations


Since 2014, Meitu has been developing its business in overseas markets and offering a more convenient Internet technology experience for global users. Meitu is devoted to complying with local laws and regulations, putting user privacy and data security first based on a deep understanding of local culture, traditions, beauty trends and taboos when developing products for overseas markets. Using refined operations, we create products that are loved by overseas users.


As Meitu’s first overseas flagship product, BeautyPlus provides users with natural retouch effects, high-quality filters and custom makeup looks. While AirBrush focuses on the European market and offers natural editing tools. VCUS, a video creation app, was the first app to allow users to create complex slo-mo effects with just one tap. Meitu offers various beauty experiences for global users based on beauty trends and the needs of users in different areas.

BeautyPlus, the first overseas product


Meitu’s products have become very popular in many countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries. In Europe and the United States, Meitu’s products have become an important platform for local users to edit photos and videos and share beauty trends.


Meitu focuses on becoming beauty, connecting global users with its products


As the industry leader in data analysis and market data in mobile applications and digital content, App Annie’s data is regarded as one of the most authoritative lists in the field of mobile globalization. The Top Publishers Awards 2021 list released by App Annie highlights the most creative and successful mobile companies in the world.


In 2020, Chinese publishers achieved astounding growth in International markets. In addition to Meitu, Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Kwai and other Chinese enterprises were selected based on their excellent performance in the fields of mobile applications, showing great competitive power in gaming, video, social media, and image/video beautification.


Meitu’s competitive power is derived from its excellent products. Meitu actively displays and spreads Chinese culture through our global products, enhancing cross-cultural communication in the International market. Last year, Meitu launched the New Chinese Style Makeup and Classic of Mountain and Sea Makeup effects, combining traditional Chinese culture with modern beauty trends, which were well-received in Japan, Korea, Thailand and other regions. 

BeautyPlus and Japanese artist Matt collaborate on custom makeup stickers


With our focus on product content, Meitu has also continually added new features, combining traditional Chinese cultural trends and creative effects to meet the needs of our overseas users. BeautyPlus recently cooperated with Matt, a Japanese variety artist, to develop customized makeup stickers, which created a craze for Chinese culture among millions of netizens and enabled more young overseas users to further understand and recognize Meitu’s brand.


While Meitu does not have a business layout in the Netherlands, our products have become very popular in the Dutch-speaking region and Meitu even received an invitation for a representative to be interviewed by a wildly popular documentary program in the Dutch-speaking region. We feel that everyone shares the same desire in pursuing beauty, and with Meitu’s focus on beauty, users in different regions have grown to love Meitu’s excellent products.


With the mission of “to let everyone become beautiful easily”, Meitu uses its strengths in the field of beauty to garner insights and meet people's pursuit of beauty. In the future, Meitu will continue to deepen its localization operations to create richer and more diverse experiences for global users to pursue beauty.