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The Meitu App Dominates Chart Rankings for App Store & Google Play in Thailand with its Top Function "Cutout"


With Meitu's innovations in image processing, the trend of photo editing continues to grow on social platforms. Recently, the Meitu app sparks popularity among iOS and Android users in Thailand by topping both app download charts in the photography category, which shows that teenagers and young adults in Thailand inclined to consider the Meitu app as their first choice in mobile photo-editing and sharing. Thus, there has been a 40-fold increase in view numbers of "Community," Meitu's social platform.

On social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can easily spot the trend of remixing photos of idols among Thai youngsters these days, a new trendy way of idol worshipping. They cut out images of their idols and layer on top of backgrounds or scenarios of their choice to create composite artworks. For example, having the idol's face printed on the bag of chips, or turn photos into sketches and drawings. Similar effects that previously required the complexity of using image processing software such as Photoshop, can now be achieved by a few taps with the Meitu app.


With the convenience of photo-editing and the creative gameplay that the Meitu app brings to youths in Thailand, the app has been widely discussed among Thai fan clubs for designing images to make idol-supporting banners. Tutorials to make certain types of designs have also emerged on social platforms.

Data shows that the use of Meitu’s "Cutout" function in Thailand had an 18-fold increase within half a month. "Over 50% of Meitu's new users incline to play with the (cutout) function," says Odem, Meitu's Overseas Operations Manager. The demand for the function has also helped with the app's user acquisition and overall popularity in Thailand.

Besides being one of the most well-known image processing software in China, Meitu's popularity in Thailand has been further increased. Official figures from Meitu reflected that their Instagram page views have been vastly increased by 40 times. On Twitter, mentions of @MeituTh (Meitu Thailand) has quadrupled, reflecting the increasing popularity of the Chinese photo-editing app among Thai youths.

Meitu's popularity in Asia, especially among Southeast Asia, is not just limited to Thailand. Previously, Meitu's "Animate" function has also gone viral on social platforms in India and Indonesia. The app's customised AR (Augmented Reality) special effects are as well popular among young people in Japan and South Korea.