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Case Briefing

From March 1 to May 31, 2019, the Shanghai Disney Resort promoted the "Spring into Color-full" campaign with a whole host of seasonal decorations, exciting new shows, food and beverage offerings, more than 50 themed products, and more — immersing guests in the vibrant ambiance and energy of springtime at Disney. 

The public's interest in famous attractionshas increased in recent years. The question that remains for those attractionsis how to highlight their characteristics in order to distinguish themselves from competitors. We have been trying to provide solutions based on this emerging pain point.


Women's Day is an important marketing opportunity. How totake advantage of Meitu's large female user base to connect online and offline experiences and increase the exposure ofDisneyland's spring-themed activities werethe biggest considerations when designing marketing strategies.


1. To enhance brand reputation among female users.

2. To increase the exposure of the activity by using polka dot elements of the offline "Spring into Color-full" campaigns in online marketing, enabling users to enjoy the spring fun of Disneyland online. 


1. Accurately matching of target users: Meitu platformswere selected to target users who are passionate about taking photos.

2. Check-in campaign in the Meitu App community: High-quality hardsell adsthat are directly related to the AR effects were launched in the community to encourage discussion and participation among users.

3. Diversified AR effects: By using Meitu's AR and facial recognition technologies, two different headwear effects were designed for two different themes, allowing users to experience the fun of Disneylandthrough Meitu anytime, anywhere. 


The Meitu App allowedusers to experience the real atmosphere of Disneyland online based on its sophisticated AR technologies, breaking the boundary of online marketing for offline attractions, increasing brand awareness, andbringing new vitality and exposure to the brand culture. 


1.Word-of-mouth marketing and improving exposure;high-quality hard sell ads increasedexposure and channeling of traffic: Splash screen ads on the Meitu App, popular searches, and icon slots together promoted the activity by linking AR effects to attract participation.


2.Multi-user AR effects:AR effects displayeddesigns ofthe limited-edition spring headband sold offline, and multi-user effects were designed for users to enjoy the fun with their friends. Different effects were shown using facial recognition technologies. Celebrities were also attracted to try and share the effect with their social media followers.


This marketing campaign helped Disney create an impressive and unique brand image that stands out among competitors and provided users with the feeling of being in these incredible offline parks anytime, anywhere, thereby connecting online and offline experiences.

1. Exposure of the customized AR effects reached 84.39 million views, with up to 4.55 million clicks in total.

2. Exposure of thehard sell adsreached 179 million views, with up to 560,000 clicks and a completion rate of 245%.

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