Watsons Launch Lucky Photo Studio
cross-border cooperation CNY marketing

【Case Briefing】

The Chinese New Year is a golden marketing opportunity for many daily consumer brands. Viewing the New Year as a means for new fortune, Watsons joined forces with Hong Kong geomancer Mak Ling Ling and Meitu to launch a fun game called Lucky Photo Studio. We offered an attractive New Year HTML5 page (H5) by providing 12 Chinese zodiac frames, 12 New Year themed stickers and makeup looks, along with introducing Mak Ling Ling's fortune predictions based on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. In addition, we also displayed Watsons's New Year discounts on makeup products on the H5 page, through which users could obtain coupons and get a discount at offline stores.

Users were provided with plenty of motivation for consumption, including professional advice and elements for new fortune, which improved both interaction and promotional effects for the brand.



How can Watsons stand out from other brands during Chinese New Year? How can we make Watsons' makeup products memorable among young female users? How can we enhance the desire of online users to buy from offline stores?


To promote the Chinese New Year campaign and attract online traffic to offline stores through fun interactions and efficient exposure.


12 Chinese zodiac frames + 12 New Year-themed stickers + 12 Chinese zodiac fortune predictions+ New Year makeup looks + Meitu's powerful exposure resources

1.    New Year fortune experience: Mak Ling Ling's New Year fortune predictions based on the 12 Chinese zodiac were introduced to enhance user interaction with the H5 page.

2.  Fun interactions: With Meitu's various interactive frames, makeup looks and stickers, Watsons and Meitu jointly launched a Lucky Photo Studio with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, which allowed users to upload a photo and select their own zodiac sign to find out their New Year fortune.

3.  Enhancing users' social enthusiasm: With users' own self-broadcasting impulse through various social media platforms, we combined a variety of social methods to fully reflect the fun and richness of the campaign, thereby enhancing overall interaction.


With the innate advantages of the well-known geomancer Mak Ling Ling and grasping the psychological appeal for insight into the future during the Chinese New Year, Meitu designed 12 poster frames and 12 lucky stickers with fortune sentences to create customized lucky posters for users. Combined with Meitu's exposure resources such as splash screens and other hard sell ads, the collaboration successfully became an exemplary case of Chinese New Year marketing.


January 26 - February 7: With traffic from the Meitu App, BeautyCam's splash screens, and hard sell resources during Chinese New Year, as well as external traffic resources, the H5 page received a massive boost in popularity.

1,Full coverage: By promoting the campaign on the Meitu App and BeautyCam's splash screens and important icons, the Watsons-themed Lucky Photo Studio obtained a large amount of exposure and traffic and immediately covered active and potential consumers on the platforms, showing a remarkable effect in increasing brand awareness.


2,Fun design: Interaction was enhanced through the 12 Chinese zodiac frames, 12 New Year stickers, and New Year makeup looks.




3, H5 high-interaction

(1)   H5 interaction: Funny content and easy processes enhanced user participation in the campaign and quickly improved marketing efficiency during the Chinese New Year.



(2)   Obtaining offline traffic: Fortune details were linked with brand discounts. Users could get coupons on the H5 page, which encouraged them to purchase products in offline stores.


4,  The use of Sina Weibo resources and the strong influence of Mak Ling Ling and Watsons in China successfully allowed the campaign information to reach a wide range of users and improved coverage of the campaign.





Significantly increased exposure and channeling of traffic: The Meitu App and BeautyCam's hard sell ads produced over 100 million views for the H5 campaign, which generated a wave of taking photos using the Lucky Photo Studio throughout China. 

1,The total exposure reached 117 million views, with a completion rate of 128%. There were 1.136 million clicks, with a completion rate of 294%. In addition, the CTR completion rate was 230% and the number of visitors to the H5 reached 1.838 million.

2,Working with external resources, the Lucky Photo Studio H5 campaign was also promoted on Sina Weibo, Toutiao, and other social media platforms to expand coverage of the campaign.

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