Meitu releases 7 image production products at its Image Festival, including a large-scale AI visual model


On June 19th, Meitu held the 2nd Image Festival themed "Image Productivity Tools in the AI Era", and released 7 new products: AI creation tool WHEE; AI narrated video creation tool Action; desktop AI video editing tool WinkStudio; Meitu Design Studio 2.0, which focuses on commercial AI design; AI digital image generation tool DreamAvatar; Meitu AI assistant RoboNeo; and large-scale AI model MiracleVision.

These products fully cover user demands from work to life scenarios. Fresh data shows Meitu's global VIP subscribers have reached 7.19 million as of June 18th.


7 products cover photos, videos, design, and digital imaging

Wu Xinhong, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Meitu, stated that previously, the company primarily catered to life scenarios, including image shooting, photo editing, video editing, and social sharing. However, in the AI era, Meitu aims to expand its services to production scenarios.


The 7 new products encompass visual creation, commercial photography, professional video editing, commercial design, and other fields, with the aim of comprehensively enhancing productivity in the imaging industry.

Six products were launched at the first Meitu Image Festival last year. These products have seen continuous improvements and upgrades with remarkable results. Notably, Wink has surpassed 10 million monthly active users, while Meitu ID Photo has emerged as the leading contender in the online ID photo industry.


Wu Xinhong predicted a significant surge in the value of tools during the AI era, and the Image Festival serves as a milestone for Meitu's products and services to move from life scenarios to production scenarios.


Stunningly sophisticated AI visual model illuminates the world of AI with the exquisite beauty of Meitu aesthetics

At the festival, Meitu released MiracleVision: the first domestic large-scale AI vision model that is aesthetics-aware.

During the festival, Meitu unveiled MiracleVision, the first domestic large-scale AI vision model with a sense for aesthetics. Wu Xinhong described how Meitu fused their prolonged aesthetic cognition with MiracleVision and established a machine learning-based aesthetic assessment system to rate the output results, perpetually amplifying the model's comprehension of aesthetics. MiracleVision's exceptional creator ecology boasts a team of professionals with deep aesthetic backgrounds, including artists and designers who actively participate in the product's development.

Unlike other models in the market, MiracleVision stands out for its strong visual expression and unmatched creativity, pushing technological evolution through inspiration from visual creation scenarios such as painting, design, film and television, photography, games, 3D, animation, etc. Its expertise lies in Asian portrait photography, traditional styles, commercial design, and more.


Wu Xinhong said that a good large model needs to be supported by a good "model ecology", and this process cannot be separated from the continuous participation of creators and developers. Meitu will systematically build a model ecosystem through the training, distribution, and commercialization of models.


Evolve from life scenarios to production scenarios, Meitu is building its AI product ecosystem

The release of these 7 products means Meitu has officially formed an AI product ecosystem from the aspects of foundation support, middle platforms and software products.


In terms of software products, Meitu explores innovations in the four major fields of AI images, AI videos, AI design, and AI digital people through products and services such as WHEE, BeautyCam, Meitu AI Photo Editing, Wink, Wink Studio, Action, Meitu Design Studio 2.0, and DreamAvatar, with the Meitu App aggregating the AI imaging services.


The middle platform is composed of Meitu AI Open Platform, Meitu Creator Platform, and Meitu AI Assistant RoboNeo, which are responsible for sharing AI technology, building a creator ecosystem, and aggregating Meitu image services.


With regard to foundation support, the MiracleVision large-scale visual model is providing AI model capabilities for the entire Meitu product line.

Wu Xinhong affirms that as AI and image production tools become more closely integrated, the threshold for generating high-quality content will diminish while the efficiency of the image industry will rise correspondingly. Adhering to its mission to "let technology and art converge elegantly," Meitu will continue to provide users with higher-quality products and services.

Also at the festival, the Meitu Design Studio team announced a collaboration with Huawei Cloud to create an "AI Dress-Up" function to reduce costs and increase efficiency for the e-commerce industry. They will also collaborate with FILA for the "AI Trendy Shoes Challenge" event, promoting AI design co-creation between fashion sports brands and sneaker enthusiasts.