Meitu founder Wu Xinhong speaks at the 2022 World Internet Conference: Advancing The Global Development Initiative & Pursuing Public Wellbeing Through Digital Economy


November 9th, Meitu Founder and CEO Wu Xinhong attended the Wuzhen Summit of 2022 World Internet Conference and delivered a keynote speech "Advancing The Global Development Initiative & Pursuing Public Wellbeing Through Digital Economy", exploring with industry guests how to help more people to a better life in the digital economy from the perspectives of "bridging the digital gap" and "increasing the supply of digital skills training resources".

Wu Xinhong said that in recent years, China's industrial digitalization and digital industrialization have developed rapidly, and contribute to the swift development of the global digital economy. As a company founded in Xiamen, Fujian, Meitu is a participant in the global digital wave and a beneficiary of Digital China. In the future, Meitu will actively participate in the digital economy, continue to focus on digital innovation in imaging, and make contribution with better products and services.

Meitu founder and CEO Wu Xinhong attended the 2022 Wuzhen Summit World Internet Conference

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Technology companies should not overlook doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it seems

Wu Xinhong said the continued development of the digital economy has brought great changes to people's lives, but the development gap has also become a problem that people cannot ignore. Different ages, different education levels, and different industries can create digital gaps, including huge gaps between countries at different stages of development. How can the results of digitalization benefit more people? Technology companies, including Meitu, must consider and act upon this.

At the forum, Wu Xinhong shared his understanding and perception of the Digital Gap with this case: Grandpa Cao, an 86-year-old old man in Guangzhou, used the Meitu App to help the elderly around him take and edit photos, recorded and shared their lives, and became a well-known photo editing master in his community. In May of this year, Grandpa Cao came to our Guangzhou branch to study image editing, and gave us a lot of suggestions for our software. We learned through him that many elderly people have needs to beautify images, but there are still some operation issues.

Wu Xinhong said that bridging the digital gap has a long way to go. "Digital gaps aren't uncommon. They may be right next to us, in our parents, children and friends and relatives. "

Meitu has users of almost all ages. Some younger students use tools, such as collages and emojis, on the Meitu App to finish their homework.

Wu Xinhong said demands from different users drive companies represented by Meitu to think about how to continuously improve the ease of use of their products, and integrate the spirit of care into their products so that more users can enjoy the convenience and happiness of digital life.

Technology companies should establish a digital skills training system and increase the supply of digital skills training resources

In Xinhong's opinion, the Global Development Initiative emphasizes the equity, effectiveness and inclusiveness of digital development, and any country, any group, or any user cannot fall behind.

Wu Xinhong said that as participants in the digital economy, technology companies need to increase the supply of digital skills training resources to help the "disadvantaged" improve their digital skills and literacy, which can also help people participate fairly in digital society and enjoy digital benefits.

Wu Xinhong cited the business process of Meitu as an example and said, "In the past, our main business was tool-based products for recording and sharing beauty, but now we are integrating into a wider range of production life, not only to help record the beauty in life, but also to improve it efficiently. "

Meitu has granted imaging technology access to SMEs in photography, design, cosmetics and skin care sectors through Meitu AI Photo Editing, MeituEve and Meidd. While contributing to the digital transformation of the real economy, it is also helping to cultivate personnel with digital skills.

"By launching a series of creator plans, we've gathered a large number of young creators and endorse their content with traffic, cash incentive and commercial opportunities. Those creators are generating illustrations, photos and template effects that enrich people's life in some way with our products. "

Wu Xinhong said a technology company is both demand and supply of digital skills and resources. With its accumulated resources and unique expertises, a technology company can construct a digital skill training system for cultivating highly effective people in specific fields, helping to address the lack of personnel in the digital sector.

Focus on the innovation of imaging digitalization as a contribution to the Global Development Initiative

The construction of a Digital China has seen rapid growth and is headed for a new landscape. Chinese enterprises are making digital life accessible to more people with a series of new inclusive achievements.  Mr. Wu put forward a suggestion on accelerating cooperations and addressing the insufficiency and inadequacy of digital development around the globe.

The World Internet Conference provides an opportunity for global Internet enterprises to communicate and share information for fair development. The Global Development Initiative brings together all sectors including governmental agencies, international organizations, research institutions, industrial organizations and enterprises, facilitating the cooperation of digital development among each other. The Chinese government has rich policy and governance experience in improving its people's sense of gain, happiness and security in the digital era. Chinese enterprises have accumulated experience through digitization of various industries and industrialization of digital technologies. With the help of an integrated platform, we can converge forces in promoting a balanced and coordinated development and a united community in cyberspace.

Wu Xinhong noted that Meitu will keep participating in the development of the digital economy and help involve more enterprises and individuals through image digitalization-inspired products and services. It will also strive to contribute to the construction of an inclusive and prosperous digital era that benefits all parties.