QuestMobile’s 2020 Annual Report: BeautyCam and the Meitu App continue to hold the first position in two rankings


On January 26th, the 2020 QuestMobile China Mobile Internet Report was released, revealing that Meitu’s BeautyCam and the Meitu App have retained their spot on the Top 50 list for the No.1 China Mobile Internet Value Ranking by User Scale, with BeautyCam taking the first position in the Camera & Video category, and the Meitu App taking first in Image Beautification, with 56.23 million and 108.72 million monthly active users (MAU), respectively. 

Based on QuestMobile data for 2020, the monthly average Internet users in China reached 1.155 billion. The number grew from 1.145 billion at the beginning of the year to 1.158 billion in December, with a net increase of 13.03 million people and a growth rate of only 1.7%. In the fierce competitive arena of companies fighting for user retention, how did BeautyCam and the Meitu App manage to maintain their leading roles in the industry?

Meitu founder and CEO Wu Xinhong once said in the APEC Women Leadership Forum, “the key factor of brand development in the digital era depends on knowing and satisfying the needs of the younger generation”. Meitu updates its products by listening to users’ suggestions through our internal feedback system while also learning about the degree of customer satisfaction through external surveys.  

BeautyCam’s portrait features are preferred by young users

As a camera app used to satisfy trending needs and various personalities, BeautyCam recently introduced a “Natural selfie mode” based on users’ needs to apply beautification while also keeping their facial details and makeup visible, enabling users to maintain the integrity of their image as if they were looking at themselves in the mirror. This feature instantly became one of the most used features for many of our users.

Aside from that, in 2020 BeautyCam launched an evaluation of “The Most Popular Portrait Features”, which evoked viral sharing and participation among users and KOLs. Six features, including Medical Beautification Experience Hall, Natural Mode, 3D Lighting, Head Size, Distortion Fix, and Night Mode quickly became the most used features. 


The Meitu App updated to be a social necessity

The Meitu App, Meitu’s flagship app, recently released a redesigned interface to upgrade itself as a burgeoning social platform. The redesign received unanimous praise among users of the app. 

The latest version of the Meitu App has a rearranged homepage that integrates the toolbar and the community entrance. A new function, “Templates”, was also applied to further enrich the content available in the app. By making both visual and functional updates, the Meitu App is continuing its mission to satisfy users’ needs for different situations and bring new experiences to users with easy-to-use features.

By continuously updating its editing features and creating a fun and sharable creation environment, the Meitu App is ambitiously pursuing the role of becoming the first choice for users seeking both photo editing tools and a social media platform. 

Meitu also launched the Meitu Creator Platform. With leading technology, the platform allows users to bring their ideas to fruition using our advanced tools, infusing novelty to Meitu’s apps and attracting partners to co-create an aesthetic-based marketing system, bringing new commercial growth opportunities to everyone.