MeituEve reaches strategic cooperation with Shiseido’s new brand EFFECTIM


On January 12, 2021, Meitu announced that MeituEve has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shiseido’s new anti-aging brand EFFECTIM. EFFECTIM will offer more AWASE Solutions for customers through a combination of Smart 3D Skin Analysis*, cutting-edge skin care products and professional beauty devices.

Smart 3D Skin Analysis plays an important role in EFFECTIM’s services by helping customers scientifically analyze the condition of their skin and understand the key focus of their custom anti-aging plan. EFFCTIM’s staff are able to customize an AWASE Solution for customers based on their specific skin analysis data. MeituEve is the only partner with which EFFECTIM has chosen to jointly develop Smart 3D Skin analysis services.

EFFECTIM is releasing a Smart 3D Skin Diagnosis feature based on MeituEve’s self-developed facial recognition and MT segmentation technologies. By selecting 18 of the most important indexes of skin aging to detect, and analyzing skin aging conditions from multiple dimensions, the Smart 3D Skin Diagnosis will help customers understand the key points of their anti-aging plan with precise solutions offered by EFFECTIM.

Left to right: Su Zhu, Brand General Manager of EFFECTIM China Regional Division; Kentaro Fujiwara, Shiseido China President; Wu Xinhong, Meitu Founder and CEO

As Wu Xinhong, the founder and CEO of Meitu, has stated before: “Since AI will become the main tool of the digital economy, Meitu will integrate smart devices and beauty services based on AI to launch more services for the consumption market, allowing users to become more beautiful in both the virtual world and the real world.” This cooperation is based on that vision.

EFFECTIM’s AWASE Solution combines beauty device, skin care and skin analysis technologies

The AI skin analysis technologies in MeituEve, including an "Oily Region Segmentation Method, Device, and Mobile Terminal", a "Dark Circle Recognition Method and Device", a "Skin Tone Recognition Method and Device", and much more, represent the latest technical achievements in AI skin analysis.

Differing from traditional skin aging detection services, MeituEve offers superior skin condition analysis based on its self-developed facial recognition and MT segmentation technologies. MeituEve has pioneered 3D skin reconstruction and labeling technology and algorithms to allow consumers to more accurately understand the specifics of their skin condition.

Smart 3D Skin Diagnosis – Jointly developed by Meitu and EFFECTIM

In order to obtain precise data, customers need to remove any makeup and clean their skin before using the Smart 3D Skin Diagnosis service. Empowered by MeituEve, the AI-powered system will automatically generate reports and provide customers with specific solutions for their skin. The Smart 3D Skin Diagnosis service is scheduled to launch in March at EFFECTIM’s mobile boutiques in Beijing and Shanghai.

EFFECTIM AWASE Solution customizable skin analysis

According to Eagle Lee, head of MeituEve, “The beauty industry revolution has officially begun. Beauty is no longer just a brand slogan and the effect is no longer just based on the feeling of the user. Beauty could be more persuasive with digitalized information. The goal of MeituEve is to digitize beauty-related information for the human face and empower beauty-related industries with AI and science to meet consumers' needs for more personalized beauty needs.”

Note: * means the parameters of face aging in multiple dimensions can be detected by EFFECTIM’s skin analyzer.