Meitu officially launches Meitu Creator Platform to encourage the creation of original designs


Meitu has officially launched the Meitu Creator Platform to recruit AR effect creators. Whether you are a designer, cartoonist, visual effects artist or creative hand drawing artist, you can now share your creative ideas and have the chance to be recommended to users by Meitu. In addition, the platform will award some creators with exclusive promotions and a cash reward of up to 10,000 RMB.


As reported, the Meitu Creator Platform is a production tool that offers the necessary tools and a creative space for effects creators to express their artistic ideas and create effects. Meitu has found that more and more of our young users have their own ideas and needs when taking and editing photos, as they have expressed these creative ideas with the Meitu App’s graffiti, stickers and other editing tools. So, we have launched this platform to offer scenario-based services and to help gather together super cool creators seeking to unleash their true potential.

Since the platform launched, we have already received numerous notable designs, including Adorable Star Bear, Colorful Mind Garden and Beautiful Girl.

(Adorable Star Bear – 蚯蚓大王, HOTELO Mind Garden - Atelier_CONS_PROS, Beautiful Girl – 愛子萌萌)

Meitu launched the Meitu Creator Project in 2018, aiming to support  original artists around the world by offering a free space to show off their talents and designs. With this open platform, Meitu hoped to attract more original designers and illustrators to join in and share their original effects to Meitu users. Once the project launched, many incredible artists, including Yichen Ding (丁一晨), Sleepy King (吾皇萬睡), Gon’s Marmot (Gon的旱獺), Honghong Niu (牛轟轟) and Piaopiao Wang (一窩時光王飄飄) took part in editing and creating new effects for Meitu users to enjoy. Since then, even more creative ideas in photography and design have been realized and more exquisite artists have gradually joined and released new effects for users.


Now, the Meitu Creator Project has been upgraded to the Meitu Creator Platform, which enhances traffic support, value of cash rewards, platform utilities, monetization opportunities, and more for our creators. On the platform, creators can share their well-designed AR effects, stickers and emoji to Meitu users around the world and the top designs have the potential to be showcased on Meitu’s flagship apps, including the Meitu App, BeautyCam and Meipai. Designs that are liked and shared the most will receive exclusive exposure on Meitu’s apps, and the top creators will receive an official certification and a recommendation of resources from Meitu. In addition, the platform will award creators based on the number of their creations saved by users, with a maximum cash reward of 10,000 RMB.


In particular, Meitu Creator Platform will offer a growth data evaluation for each creator to help them stabilize and accumulate followers, which includes an analysis of the number of high quality effects, downloads, number of natural growth followers, number of interactions, and other conversion data. The top creators will be listed on the official Meitu Creator Project list and will receive more privileges, cash rewards, and exposure.


As a company with over 1.88 billion accumulated users worldwide, there are thousands of AR filters and stickers that are used and shared by users every day. Meitu encourages each user to show their true self and the Meitu Creator Platform provides creators with a platform to show off their creative ideas. Now, the Meitu Creator Platform has officially began recruiting AR effect creators network-wide, so that Meitu will be able to empower each and every creator and help them receive numerous followers as they grow toward greatness.