Meitu and Ventes Avenues Team Up to Create Award-Winning AR filters


Meitu and Ventes Avenues have teamed up to create two new traditional Indian jewelry-themed AR filters. Available exclusively on Meitu’s flagship overseas product BeautyPlus, these filters were created for Tanishq, one of India’s most celebrated jewelry brands. Having already won the award for Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media at the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) 2019 SMARTIES INDIA competition, these filters are expected to create a major trend in the Indian market.

The MMA is one of the best associations in the international mobile advertising industry. This year's SMARTIES INDIA competition saw more than 100 entries from over 50 agencies and brands. The BeautyPlus/ Ventes Avenues filters were able to win the top spot as a result of BeautyPlus' unparalleled excellence in AR technology. In this way, users are able to conveniently experience products anytime and anywhere, without the need to visit a store location.

Meitu and Ventes Avenues have jointly created two AR filters for Tanishq. These have been used 4.9 million times in a single month and received millions of exposures in the BeautyPlus App and on social media.

Cooperating with local brands is a cornerstone of Meitu’s successful localization strategy. Speaking on this partnership, Meitu's overseas business lead Ian Wu said “Ventes Avenues has long been one of Meitu's most important advertising partners in India. Receiving this award not only reflects the quality of BeautyPlus' product features, but also its ability to appeal to the Indian market. I hope that Meitu will continue to cooperate with more brands in overseas markets moving forward." 

In-depth localization has always been an important and highly successful aspect of Meitu's overseas market expansion. With India as its largest overseas market, BeautyPlus has worked to localize its features while frequently coming out on top in terms of camera software and overall app popularity rankings. The Meitu App, another of Meitu’s other core products, also achieved remarkable user growth in India upon the release of its massively popular Animate function.

As one of BeautyPlus' most important target markets, India continues to show significant growth in terms of its number of monthly active users (MAU), while being a major contributor to the app's total advertising revenue. In an effort to further expand its market potential in India , BeautyPlus will continue to pay close attention to cultural customs and user habits to create more localized functions. It will also continue to cooperate with local brands to improve its brand value and exposure. At present, BeautyPlus is working with Indian e-commerce platform Myntra, air hostess training institute Frankfinn, and Amazon Prime. In these ways, Meitu hopes to enhance Indian users’ ability to identify with the Meitu brand, and thus increase its share of the market.

As a software product with a broad range of functions, BeautyPlus aims to satisfy the needs of different groups of people around the world by conducting extensive market research, including the collection of user feedback. This allows the BeautyPlus team to optimize their product in a way that caters to the most significant current trends in a given market. BeautyPlus will continue its work with local brands to create even more functions that cater to local tastes in a way that allows it to maximize its market potential around the world.