MeituGenius partners DFS Group to transform beauty retail experiences with AI


Meitu is again collaborating with DFS Group, in particular with Meitu’s smart mirror MeituGenius, to deliver smart beauty retail experiences with AR and AI. Starting August 1, 2019, the enhanced AR beauty try-on mirror MeituGenius, will be available in 25 DFS store in 13 countries and territoriesaround the world, including the United States, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and more.

Since August 2018, MeituGenius offered virtual eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes and makeup look recommendations based on its AI analysis of user’s facial features. The two companies scale up to offer virtual sunglasses try-ons, which the AI is as well capable of recommending based on one’s facial features starting from August this year. 

“Our growing partnership with DFS Groupdemonstrates MeituGenius’ technological capabilities and potential at an international level. We had a technological breakthrough in 3D AR this year by offering virtual sunglasses to DFS, and we look forward to future opportunities and pioneer digital innovations down the road,” said Liling Wang, business lead of MeituGenius.

MeituGenius virtual makeup try-onsets to transform the beauty retail with AR and AI

In a traditional setting, a lack of BA and staff, and customers spend a lot of time to compare and make buying decisions, could lower retail conversion rates. There are also raising hygienic concerns about communal makeup testers. Targeting these problems, MeituGenius revitalizes the traditional beauty retail by enhancing efficiency and eliminate hygiene concerns of product sampling with digitization.

MeituGenius virtual makeup try-on is capable of restoring the accurate color and glossiness of cosmetics on different skin tones under different lightings. Powered by Meitu's AI lab MTlab’s exclusive facial recognition technology, MeituGenius is able to identify 180 facial feature combinations to generate customized makeup looks. Now users may sample each makeup look effortlessly with taps without needing to apply and remove cosmetics. Furthermore, MeituGenius’ interactive experience allows retail staff to better focus their efforts where they are most needed, significantly improving overall efficiency of a store.

MeituGenius’ attractive and innovative appearance is a natural draw for customers. Upon discovering its ease of use and helpful services, customers are more likelytostay at counters longer as they sample cosmetics at a faster rate.

Beauty tech brings shopping to life in physical retail stores

“MeituGenius also provides online services,” says Wang,“We have worked to include online services that allow users to sample commodities that were previously not available with the AR technology. Brands are now able to better understand users and relate to their customers through our online services.”

This year, MeituGenius will open its platform to the broader public, further enhancing its accessibility. The virtual makeup will be made available on WeChat mini programs and the MeituGenius’ official website, allowing brands to better understand their users thus to improve their conversion rates.