The Meitu App launches its new Animate feature, turning static pictures into dynamic fantasy worlds!


The Meitu App launched its new Animate feature on June 5th. Using AI technology, Animate brings pictures to life with more than 10 dynamic and magical effects such as floral aura, flowing hair, petal burst, flame nebula, color filter overlays, and more.

Instantly turns your static photos into dynamic and flowing worlds

The Animate function was inspired by some of the world's most beloved tales of magic and fantasy. By using these effects users can create the impression that they, like the wizards and witches of fantastical realms, are the masters of their own dynamic universe.

The Animate function not only creates magical portraits instantly, but may also be used for landscapes, objects, group photos, full body portraits, and more. Meitu users have shown that clouds, water, hair, flags, and spiral staircases have all produced amazing results.

Smart mode: Creates magical photos with multiple templates instantly

The Animate effect is easy to use for everyone and features a fun tutorial to get started. Simply open the Meitu App and select the photo you want to edit and a magical template to create a customized animated image.

Smart mode offers a variety of effects to apply such as bling bling, nebula, sakura beam, and more. Each category includes different templates to meet users' needs with multiple scene features.

Manual mode: Creates stunning custom works of art at any time

The creation process is a pleasure, and the option to manually process pictures offers a great deal of freedom for more advanced users. Animate also includes a manual feature that allows users to add effects manually for maximum personalization.

When using Animate users are also able to use the Meitu App's other features to make the final image even more amazing.

Meitu's AI technology helps to create stunning film-quality effects

The Meitu App's Animate function uses a combination of cutting-edge AI technologies from MTlab that include instance segmentation and portrait area inpainting technologies.

The portrait segmentation technology is able to handle complex scenarios with multiple human bodies or messy backgrounds. It can not only segment people from scenery, but also two people in an image, allowing for total image customization.

In the upcoming version, Smart mode will be able to provide unique effects to each individual in a multi-person picture. The instance segmentation algorithm will continue working as the fundamental support to provide better processing speed and superior robustness and precision for different image scenarios.

Using portrait segmentation technology, the portrait area inpainting function goes further to fill a portrait area with a new background. Users can choose from a number of effects to replace their original backgrounds with one that is out of this world. Amazing effects like Sparkly Locks, Magical World, and Angelic also allow users to surround their portraits with AR or particle effects.

Curious about the Animate feature? Come check it out for yourself on the Meitu App!