The third Meitu Multimedia Festival introduces six new products, ushering in the era of enhanced AI workflow


On June 12, Meitu hosted its third Meitu Multimedia Festival with the theme "All about AI". The spotlight shone on the launch of six innovative products: Meitu AI Photo Editing V2, an AI batch photo editing software; Kaipai V2, an AI talking video creation tool; DesignKit V3, an ingenious AI design tool; ZCOOL Design Service, a creative design service platform; QIMI, a game advertisement AI production and delivery platform; and MOKI, a visionary AI short film creation tool. The products encompass a diverse range of fields, including commercial photography, talking videos, e-commerce design, design services, game marketing, and video production.

By leveraging AI workflows to enhance efficiency for industries and users, Meitu has reached a historic milestone in global VIP membership. As of June 11, Meitu's global VIP members have grown to 10.63 million.

While the industry is still in the early stages of AI adoption, Meitu is already integrating AI into its workflow.

Wu Xinhong, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Meitu, stated that AI workflows are transforming conventional processes, especially in the image and design industry where Meitu operates. He emphasized that AI is vital in driving innovation and boosting efficiency.

The six new products introduce a revolutionary workflow to the image and design industry. Meitu AI Photo Editing V2 has upgraded its AI batch refinement and color grading capabilities, significantly enhancing efficiency for commercial photography clients. Kaipai V2 now offers improved AI scripting, AI virtual avatars, video translation, and one-tap post-production, addressing the challenges of planning, production, and monetization for video creators. DesignKit V3 has received a boost in its AI batch processing and AI product video creation abilities, supporting team collaboration to greatly increase e-commerce material design productivity. ZCOOL has launched a design service platform that is efficient, simple, and reliable, connecting numerous design seekers with millions of professional designers. QIMI combines Meitu's AI imaging technology with RuiSheng's game marketing expertise, delivering efficient ad production and precise targeting for game marketing. MOKI focuses on AI short film creation, helping creators produce animated shorts, short dramas, storybooks, and music videos, making video creation straightforward and efficient.

The launch of six new products further enhances Meitu's AI product ecosystem. Meitu's suite of application products comprises four main modules: AI Image, AI Video, AI Design, and AI Marketing. ZCOOL, a premier visual creative platform in China, along with Meitu's AI assistant, RoboNeo, serve as integral components of Meitu's platform offerings. At the core of its modeling capabilities, Meitu's MiracleVision delivers AI modeling capabilities across all its products.

How are large-scale models like sora implemented in video applications? Meitu's got the answer.

Meitu's MiracleVision has evolved to V5, now embracing Meitu's proprietary DiT technology architecture. It integrates expansive model capabilities spanning images, videos, audio, and text, showcasing exceptional scalability and increased parameter volume. These enhancements translate into comprehensive improvements across semantic understanding, image stability, dynamic continuity, subject consistency, content controllability, and generation time.

In February this year, OpenAI launched the video model, Sora, sparking intense competition in the field of generative video. However, Meitu found through practical experience that using such models for content creation posed challenges in crafting a cohesive story and offered limited control.

Meitu has addressed the aforementioned challenges through an AI-powered short film workflow: Once the preliminary settings such as script, visual style, and characters are confirmed, AI automatically generates storyboards and converts them into video elements. The final film is then created through intelligent editing and enriched with AI-composed music, AI-generated sound effects, and automatic subtitles. It's Meitu's AI short film creation tool, MOKI, that paves the way for such possibilities. MOKI sets itself apart from conventional text-to-video production tools by prioritizing the specific needs of video creators, providing them with enhanced control over both content and costs. Currently, MOKI facilitates AI short film creation across a diverse array of video scenarios.

Wu Xinhong suggests that as large-scale AI models evolve, the application of AI will progress through three stages: targeted solutions, integrated processes, and comprehensive systems. Meitu is working to combine separate functions into a comprehensive AI workflow, poised to boost productivity across various sectors such as e-commerce, advertising, gaming, film and television, and animation.

Empowering individuals with Meitu's AI workflow for enhanced efficiency

Drawing from Meitu's practical experience, Wu Xinhong shares three insights: First, AI technology is advancing faster than its application, which is lagging behind expectations. Second, a good concept does not automatically translate into a good product, with few AI concepts successfully becoming excellent products. Third, users are willing to pay for AI products that generate income and create value.

Over the past two Meitu Multimedia Festivals, Meitu's AI products have gained recognition from both users and the market, consistently topping app store charts in countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Additionally, DesignKit has generated over a billion RMB in annual revenue. Wink ranks second among video creation tools, Meitu ID Photo leads the online ID photo creation category, and Kaipai is the top choice for talking video creation tools.

To advance practical AI applications, Meitu introduces the "Kaipai AI Aid for Farmers Program". This initiative provides modern farmers with AI scripts and materials tailored to agricultural and rural contexts, facilitating video production and driving economic development. Concurrently, DesignKit introduces the "AI Empowerment Plan for Small and Micro E-commerce Businesses" to empower individual e-commerce entrepreneurs in e-commerce hubs like Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Quanzhou, enabling them to operate with enhanced efficiency. Additionally, Meitu will launch an "E-commerce AI Design Course", enhancing AI design skills for e-commerce users and boosting conversion rates.

"Founded 16 years ago, Meitu epitomizes a profound commitment to product excellence and entrepreneurial drive," affirmed Wu Xinhong. Embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, Meitu remains steadfast in its pursuit of practical applications, dedicated to refining AI solutions and optimizing workflows. With an unwavering focus on user-centric innovation, we are poised to democratize the benefits of AI, ensuring widespread access and value for all.

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