The China Mobile Internet 2022 Semi-Annual Report is released, with the Meitu App and BeautyCam ranking in the top spots in the industry


According to QuestMobile's 2022 China Mobile Internet Semi-Annual Report, based on the number of users, BeautyCam and the Meitu App maintained their top rankings in the Camera and Photo Beautification categories respectively.

With high-profile products such as the Meitu app and BeautyCam, for many years Meitu has been devoted to the mission of image beautification, and has long held the top spot on authoritative data lists such as QuestMobile.

Provide quality services with its technical strength

Early in 2010, Meitu set up the Meitu Imaging & Vision Lab (MT Lab). As the algorithm hub of Meitu, MT Lab is at a globally advanced level in facial technology, human body technology, image recognition, image processing, image generation and other technologies, provides strong support for the continuous innovation of Meitu's products,and allows Meitu to remain at the forefront when it comes to meeting user needs.

The Meitu App began by providing simple retouching tools, and now it is able to satisfy users' needs with diverse solutions given specific scenarios for application. In addition, the IP-themed gameplay has become one of its most popular features. Meitu has already collaborated with IPs such as Disney/Pixar, Sanrio, Line Friends, Rilakkuma and Mole's World.

The IP module in the Meitu App

BeautyCam, another of Meitu's popular products, has ushered in a new UI design in which the features become more accessible from the homepage. Meanwhile, Beauty Universe, CCD Camera and Rear Camera have been introduced to satisfy users' needs while being guided by a new aesthetic trend.

While developing itself, Meitu has been creating aesthetic trends and delivering the latest "beauty" to users, winning the trust of its users along with the top position in the industry.

The Beauty Universe module in BeautyCam

Innovation is the secret to holding together users

Meitu places a lot of importance on understanding young users' needs and on significant content creation.

Since 2020, products under the Meitu brand have rolled out VIP services, which have managed to deliver refined retouching features and functions that are closely related to the development of the market.

According to Meitu's 2021 annual results, revenue from VIP subscriptions and image SaaS-related services increased significantly by 146.9% year-over-year to RMB 519.5 million, becoming new driving forces behind the expansion of Meitu's commercial territory space.

With VIP subscription services, Meitu allows users to enjoy more convenient tools, richer creative content, and more advanced image functions, resulting in a better experience. According to analysts, this VIP service has become the second largest contributor to Meitu's revenue.