Meitu Gem's new creation "Pixel Memory" has been released, creating unique digital art with imaging technology


On June 23rd, Meitu's digital collection brand "Meitu Gem" went on sale for the first time. The 198 "Pixel Memory" themed digital creations pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the birth of pixel culture, and also present Meitu's art and future aesthetic sentiment to a wide range of users. Using various methods of interactive engagement, users can take photos and participate in co-creation, demonstrating the unique experience value of this theme.

Meitu Gem's digital collection "Pixel Memory" is on sale

The concept of pixel art was first born in 1972, and Meitu Gem drew inspiration from it when it decided on the theme of "Pixel Memory". According to the people in charge of Meitu Gem, each digital photo is converting a scene from the real world into a digital world using pixels. Each photo stores an entrance to the virtual world, and the pixel squares that make up the photos are the gem key for opening this entrance. Meitu's originality and imaging strength, combines with the creativity of users, making the digital collection one-and-only.

Users can find the Pixel Memory in the Meitu App - Me - Meitu Gem

Unlike other digital collections on the market, Meitu Gem invites users to participate in the creation of works so that each user can deeply perceive the beauty of "Pixel Memory". By taking photos and making compositions, users can generate their own exclusive collections. Users' personal styles are processed through digital art, with each pixel square going through fission and combination until it finally turns into a "pixel memory" that has both digital art and aesthetic value. Both its form and content are truly irreproducible and one of a kind.

As an all-new digital collection brand, Meitu Gem emphasizes that digital cultural products must place great importance on originality, creativity, and aesthetic and cultural content, and Meitu Gem will be committed to the continuous exploration of the "new aesthetics of digital culture".

Meitu, a company that has long been a leader in the field of imaging, officially launched its digital collection brand "Meitu Gem" in April 2022. Its first digital collection is called "Spiritual Gems", with a limited number of just 2,008 creations that are available only to a very small number of invited users. These invited users can enter Meitu Gem using an invitation code, and after taking a few simple actions they can obtain gems that represent different aesthetic spirits. The generation process includes user's personal photos, embodying many characteristics such as uniqueness, co-creation, resonance with the soul, and more.

"Spiritual Gems", Meitu Gem's first digital collection

"Pixel Memory" is Meitu Gem's second digital collection, and it is also on sale for the first time. This digital creation does not support secondary transactions. Users can enter the Meitu App, Meitu's flagship product, to claim their gems.

The people in charge of Meitu Gem said that by relying on Meitu's rich aesthetic experience and leading imaging technology, Meitu Gem will continue to move forward on the road of exploring digital art, and will also continue to launch more digital collections with aesthetic value and innovative interactivity in the future.