Meitu launches MeituGenius Online, a contactless virtual makeup trial service to help push forward the digitalization of the beauty industry


On April 15th, Meitu launched MeituGenius Online, which means MeituGenius is now able to support both online and offline makeup trial services for the beauty industry. While MeituGenius In-Store provides clients with a one-stop makeup trial app, MeituGenius Online service stands out as the only system on the market that supports the integration of AR makeup and accessory trial services across mini programs, desktop PC, HTML5 pages (H5), and app platforms. 

Technology empowering beauty industry marketing, contactless virtual makeup trial service helping enhance the digitalization of the beauty industry

With several years of development, the technology behind the MeituGenius In-Store virtual makeup trial has blossomed and is now able to complete a facial detection in 2.7 milliseconds  and precisely locates 118 key points in a person’s face to achieve perfect makeup trial effects. Advancements in AR and MT segmentation have led to even more accurate real-time makeup and accessory trial effects, giving MeituGenius the ability to offer precise makeup trials for lipstick, foundation, blush, eyebrow makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and more. In addition, sunglasses, earrings, contact lenses and other accessory trials are also supported.


MeituGenius Online can now apply the makeup trial technology of MeituGenius In-Store to online scenarios in different contexts, solving the limitations brought on by different technical platforms. MeituGenius Online can now be applied to mini programs, desktop PC, H5 pages, and apps. After improvements in performance, including fluency, stability and effects, its loading speed is now 2 to 10 times faster than the market benchmark when processing the same effect on the same platform and device.

As the coronavirus broke out in early 2020, offline beauty retailers experienced a slump in sales, making contactless virtual makeup trial services sorely needed. Meitu hopes the launch of MeituGenius Online can play a major role in advancing the digitalization of the beauty industry.


MeituGenius Online: high-efficiency scenario-based marketing at a low cost with a low technical threshold

MeituGenius Online allows clients to use the trial function instantly after integration. This “connect and use” feature means even the marketing department or operational teams, who may not have a technical background, can directly manage products on the back-end, greatly reducing training cost and time for beauty companies.

The combination of a low technical threshold and easy sharing capabilities has allowed makeup brands to transform from a store-oriented sales approach to a Beauty Assistant (BA) sales-oriented approach. Using the MeituGenius makeup trial, makeup brands are now able to do scenario-based marketing to appeal to users across a variety of contexts, including mini programs, Desktop PC, H5 pages, and apps, allowing consumers to interact and connect with brands no matter what environment they are in. Makeup brands also can create a purchasing scenario that works for local consumers with the help of MeituGenius's Big Data, which includes a virtual counter, virtual BAs, and virtual cosmetic libraries that are preferred by local customers. This data can help enhance the local consumer experience and recommend products for them based on location and time to improve sales conversion rates for stores.


MeituGenius In-Store has cooperated with many well-known brands, such as MAKE UP FOR EVER, Sephora, Givenchy, TOM FORD, Lancôme, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Shiseido, Mulsanne, Watsons, DFS, and more, while MeituGenius Online has cooperated with the Indian makeup brand MyGlamm to offer an online makeup trial service to their customers. MyGlamm’s integration of the MeituGenius SDK into its official app has provided customers with an online makeup trial service that is the first SDK cooperation between MeituGenius Online and a beauty brand.