Meitu releases the advanced version of MeituEve, enabling consumers to observe how skincare products are working on them


In light of recent rapid socio-economic development, consumers are putting forth new and increasingly demanding skincare requirements accompanied by changes in aesthetics. Different congenital conditions, aesthetic pursuits and economic conditions can determine the differences in consumers' concerns about skincare, with the same old rules of skincare no longer applying to today's consumers, who are looking for more personalized skincare. Consumers aren’t just looking at lists of product ingredients anymore—they want to know that the products they choose are going to work for them.

EveLab Insights, a beauty business SaaS solution provider, has recently introduced its latest innovative technology: MeituEve V, a 3D panoramic skin analyzer powered by AI.

MeituEve V

Precisely measure and quantify skin laxity, helping clients win the trust of their customers with innovative technology

MeituEve V reproduces a realistic 3D facial structure by scanning and reshaping the face with millimeter-level precision. Thanks to advancements in skin analysis developed by ERIC (Eve Research & Innovation Center, the research and innovation center of EveLab Insight), product efficacy with scientific standards is now more accessible than ever before. In mere seconds, MeituEve V can look deep into the skin’s dermal layers to generate an in-depth personalized skin report of more than 35+ conditions. Compared to other traditional skin analyzers in the marketplace, Eve V can measure and quantify skin laxity, including eye bags and cheek and jawline issues, with greater precision. It provides consumers with intuitive before-and-after product use comparisons, giving them the power to manage long-term skin conditions themselves.

Collect millions of key facial points to build a 3D model

When it comes to the details, MeituEve V has equipped itself with several powerful patented technologies. It automatically locates and tracks skin changes over the long term so as to remind customers to do regular skin analysis and skin care, which also assists in improving sales conversions for clients.

Take HD photos in seconds using multiple cameras

Help create scientific standards of measuring skin aging

In addition to its achievements in technological innovation, MeituEve V has gained the recognition of dermatology experts.

In MeituEve's collaboration with Dr. Wang Sijia's team from the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, CAS, the two parties jointly released "Genome-Wide Association Study of the Nasolabial Fold Identified Novel Variants Related to Genes That Also Affect Facial Morphology" and "Quantifying Facial Skin Aging Signs With A Deep Learning-Based Algorithm", which were published in the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) and the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin (ISBS).

Measure changes in facial volume with structured lights

Given these outstanding achievements, the two parties have decided to continue their collaboration, and have set up a Center of Skin Analysis & Digital Standardization to deepen their research into genes and other algorithms.

Automatically locate and track skin changes

MeituEve is ambitious when it comes to setting up new standards for the industry, continuing research into and applications of skin-related analysis, and at the same time bringing new possibilities to Meitu's commercialization.